Meet The New Assistant Principal, Mr. Scott


Mr. Brian Scott in his new office on August 13, 2019, excited to start the new school year. Photo taken by Carly Whelan.

Carly Whelan
Staff Writer

With the new school year arriving, Foran will welcome a new assistant principal, Mr. Brian Scott. This will be Scott’s 24th year in education and his fourth year with the Milford Public Schools. He spent most of my time in the classroom as a teacher and Curriculum Instructional Leader (similar to department chair), but he has taught a wide variety of subjects including Economics, History, Civics, Technology, and Math.
Scott explains, “I think we will have some very exciting changes in the 2019 – 2020 school year and beyond. While my role is different, I have spent a great deal of time here at Foran over the past three years and in quite a few of our classrooms. Many of you may recognize me from visiting your classes over the past few years here and I hope that will help all of us to work together to make Foran an even more amazing school.”
Before coming to Milford public he also taught in a few different districts including Collier County Public Schools in Florida, Westport Public Schools, Staples High School, and Weston Public Schools. “What I am most looking forward to is being back in school and working with students on a daily basis. Foran High School is a great community and a wonderful school. I am looking forward to becoming a part of that community.”
Foran Principal, Mr. Max Berkowitz, is also very excited for Scott to join the Foran family. Berkowitz and Scott have been working together for a number of years and he is excited for Scott to connect more with the kids.
“I believe that being involved and active in the school community is essential. I coached for a number of years and I really enjoyed getting to know my students outside of the classroom,” says Scott, “In a similar way I believe that getting to know students outside of my role as Assistant Principal is key to building strong connections with our students.”