Foran Boys Soccer “Heading” into a New Season


Goalkeeper, Luca Marinelli jumps up to block a ball in a home game last year. Photo Courtesy of CamPhotography.

Ethan Edmondson

Staff Writer

With fall in full swing, Foran High School’s focus has now shifted to our exciting fall sports, one of those being the popular boys’ soccer team. Led by Coach Rick DiStefano, an experienced coach with 14 years under his belt, the team is excited for the beginning of a brand new season.

DiStefano seemed eager to start the season, saying, “We have a very good group of players who have a good team chemistry.” Junior Luca Marinelli, a goalie for the Lions, agrees with this, and adds, “My personal goal is to drive my team to success.” However, Marinelli also detailed the dedication that goes into the sport, saying that over the summer he spent mornings at  YMCA to lift and train, as well as soccer in the afternoon and conditioning.

The first game of the year is on September 14 against crosstown rival Jonathon Law. Although Law has a talented team, DiStefano and the rest of the players are confident in the team’s ability to play hard and pull out a win.

Foran boys soccer lines up before for the National Anthem. Photo Courtesy of Luca Marinelli.

Coach DiStefano also reveals that he thinks his team has the potential to be very creative in attacking the goal and scoring, thanks to the works of the talented forwards and midfielders on the team. At the other side of the field, the defenders, led by junior and captain Ben Carlson at center back, are determined to stop goals. Carlson mentions his leadership and work ethic, explaining that he hopes to, “improve [his] skills as a player and refine leadership techniques.” Carlson and DiStefano also both aspire to play in the postseason by making it to the state tournament.

The similarity between every player and coach of this team is the drive and exhilaration that they get from playing the game, which serves as motivation to be the best. Each player is continuously working towards their goals for themselves and for the team, and according to Marinelli, this holds promise for a successful and enjoyable season. Kickoff is noon on Saturday, September 14 at home.