Kevin Hart Recovers From Accident


Picture of Kevin Hart smiling. Students at Foran High School wish him and his family (wife and three kids) a smooth recovery.

Laniya Velez

Kevin Hart got into a severe car accident Sept. 1, 2019, 12:45 a.m, when he was in a car that drove off Mulholland Highway. It was reported that Hart was in the front passenger seat and he and the driver, Jared Black, were sent to a nearby hospital. They have both sustained major back injuries, according to news sources. 

In 2015, Hart won a BET award for the movie called “ The Wedding Ringer”, one of the many awards he would win throughout his career. He juggles his careers in stand-up and acting in movies, shows all while being a father to three of his kids named Heaven Hart (14 years old), Hendrix Hart ( 11 years), and Kenzo Kash Hart (1-year-old). Kevin Hart has a net worth over 150 Million dollars. 

Hart is a role model for the comedian industry and community born on July 6, 1979, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Hart began his career by entering and winning several comedian competitions at clubs, expanding from comedian shows to acting in award-winning movies. He has been in at least 46 movies, working hard to become a prominent and popular figure in the movie industry. 

The social media community was very vocal about Hart’s car accident. Via Instagram, Meek Mill posted a picture of Hart and him quoting, “Wishing my brother a speedy recovery!!!.” It was a very tragic and sentimental moment for the comedian star. Several Sophomores at Foran High School voiced their opinions on the tragic news, Madisyn Blue responded by saying,“ I feel really bad for his three children and his wife Eniko Hart, I hope he has a fast recovery to make us laugh again!”

Jiminy Gonzalez explained,“ I am upset and I do not think it’s fear… why him and not someone else?” A couple of days after the car crash, Hart’s wife, Eniko Hart, shared an update on her husband’s condition following his car accident. On Thursday, featured in the celebrity Buzzfeed, TMZ, spotted Mrs.Hart at Starbucks in Los Angeles and questioned her about her husband’s health. She answered reassuringly, “He’s amazing and he’ll  be back on track in no time.” Jared O’Sullivan echoed this sentiment by saying, “I feel very sad about the accident and I hope he has a smooth recovery.”