Joker: An Upcoming Thriller Movie


The Joker standing atop of cement stairs in Gotham City. Photo courtesy of the official Joker movie website.

Jared O’Sullivan & Juan Burgos

Staff Writers


“Joker”, which releases on October 4, portrays the life of the infamous criminal  “The Joker” before his rise in crime.

Todd Phillips, who directed films such as The Hangover series, War Dogs, A Star is Born, and more recently, Joker, which had a budget of 55 million dollars and a run time of 2 hours and 2 minutes, delves deep into the mentally ill mind of Arthur Fleck, a  9-5 clown. Played by Academy-Award nominated actor Joaquin Phoenix, Arthur Fleck started out as pay-for-hire worker/stand up comedian who lived with his mother and eventually turns to insanity as he takes on the persona of the infamous criminal. The new movie will exist in its own universe separate from the previous movie, “Suicide Squad”.

Haley Flynn was interviewed in regards to the upcoming “Joker” flick, in which she stated, “I’m going to see the new “Joker” movie with my friends”. According to IMDB, “Joker” is rated 9.5 out of 10. It seems like Haley Flynn isn’t the only one excited to watch the movie. Jordan Fabula, a DC-specific fan, stated, “I’m a big fan of Batman and the “Joker”, and I can’t wait to see the film with my dad.

Critics, as well as audiences, seem to be very interested in this origin story of such an infamous character. However, the main reason this film is appealing to critics is because of how much the movie takes inspiration from cult classics such as “Taxi Driver” and “The King of Comedy,” both of which are works of popular director Martin Scorsese. “Joker” is a deep dive into the mind of a mentally damaged protagonist and how he attempts to change his life of downfalls with comedy, which makes the movie even more intriguing. 

Like a lot of movies coming out these days, “Joker” focuses on the life of the past, the 80s.

Sadly, this movie will not include the iconic hero, The Batman,  shifting the focus onto the upcoming of the infamous criminal prodigy.