Doing It The Milford Way: Fall Traditions


The sun setting at a home boys soccer game on September 17. Photo Courtesy of Amelia McGonigle.

Morgan Viesselman

Staff Writer

The fall season is here and many students and families are getting ready for the upcoming holidays and traditions that go along with it. Some students at Foran see their fall sports games including football, volleyball and soccer games as their annual traditions. The fall allows for a limited time to pick apples, pumpkins and go to corn mazes and hayrides.

Autumn is a time for friends and families to spend time together while doing fun activities that can create and strengthen bonds. The most popular activities during the fall season are Halloween, pumpkin picking, apple picking, carving jack o’ lanterns and haunted hayrides. Sophomore at Foran, Abby Sanwald said she enjoys picking apples and eating apple cider donuts with her family. “Completing corn mazes with my brother is a fun time for us to bond while doing something we both enjoy,” says Sanwald.

Not only do families in Milford celebrate fall, but almost every state in the USA does something to welcome the fall season. Many farms all around prepare for the fall season by planting pumpkins around May and allowing them to grow for October. Sophomore at Foran, Lauren Ardolino, looks most forward to picking her own pumpkins and then carving them into jack o’ lanterns. Along with her two siblings, they also enjoy eating apple cider donuts and drinking hot chocolate. Ardolino says, “It’s a good bonding experience for the family that everyone enjoys every year.” As the years and generations go on, in each family, traditions will continue to happen. Both Sanwald and Ardolino hope to build a family and keep these traditions alive in the future. 

A final tradition that many students enjoy is attending fall sports games. Football, volleyball,  and girls and boys soccer are just some examples of these sports that students like to attend and play. Sophomore Haley Flynn, a member of the girl’s varsity soccer team, says she enjoys watching football because she gets to spend time with her friends and show support to her high school football team. Flynn said, “The themes of the student section really makes the game even more fun and exciting.”