Bump, Set, Smile: Foran Volleyball Fundraises for Camp Happiness


A sunny day at the Fire Muster as Camp Happiness kids watch. Photo courtesy of Camp Happiness Twitter.

Valencia Urbano

Nick Lawrence

Staff Writers

Jason Giambra


There’s nothing but smiles at Camp Happiness, located here at Foran High School. This camp is designed for children with special needs and runs through the summer months. Foran High School’s volleyball coaches, Julie Johnson and Jessica Hoffer share some insight on the camp, as they say, “Camp happiness is a great organization that has done a lot for Milford community, the girls are really looking forward to the fundraiser game and spreading the message of Camp Happiness”.  According to the Foran High volleyball team Twitter, the fundraiser game is home and against Lauralton on Monday, October 14. For more information in regards to the game, contact one of the volleyball coaches or players. Senior volleyball player Briana Brassell is excited for the game because she says, “It gives the team and I a chance to help others.”

Camp Happiness provides children with special needs the opportunity to enjoy and have a safe summer. Director Marlene Sanchez says, “I love being able to give kids a great experience because I know that it is hard for them to fit in. It makes me really happy to see these kids smile every day.”  With 40 staff members from high school students to college students to teachers, their dedication to making these children smile is evident. 

The kids are provided with many different activities each day. There is a rotating schedule put in place to ensure each kid has the opportunity to do every activity. These activities include swimming, art, music, gym, and create your own period. “A big create your own period idea is shaving cream in the showers, that’s the kids favorite,” says Foran Senior Bridget Collins, who has volunteered and worked as a counselor at Camp Happiness for four years now. Collins mentions, “We also have different events/days throughout the six weeks. We have a petting zoo come, singers come, a carnival day, and a day for the kids to go horseback riding. Being able to watch the kids have fun, laugh, and have an amazing summer warms my heart.” Foran Athletic Director Mr. Anthony Vitelli says, “It’s a great experience for the kids during the summer and after the six weeks, it’s like they are one big family. Mr. Don Civitello developed the camp 20 years ago and it’s still going on strong today”. Proceeds from tonight’s game will go to Camp Happiness.