Heart of a Lion: Foran Softball Field Named After Former Student Athlete Danielle Kemp Constructed


Foran Softball hosted a clinic for middle school athletes this past weekend on the new Danni Kemp Memorial Field. Photo courtesy of Robin Weissauer.

Alex Conte

Staff Writer

This fall, a new addition to the Vito DeVito Sports Complex at Foran was put in place. The beautiful new Danielle Kemp Memorial Field built over the summer and fall months will be home to Foran softball and other softball organizations for years to come.  And it has brought much excitement amongst the players. 

“ I’m excited about having my senior year season be on the new field,” said senior softball player Alexa Mendillo. 

And while the excitement of the players and the student body is alive and well, it also brings back some nostalgia to people who knew Danni during her time at Foran.

“I’m really excited about the tribute for Danni Kemp that is placed on the field. She was an amazing player and person and it feels good knowing that we can honor her this way,” said senior softball player Leigha Howland.

Those related to Foran Athletics are also proud of what the field has to offer for both the school and the players.

“The new field is a state-of-the-art facility,” said Foran Athletic Director Mr. Vitelli. 

“Games can now be played on the field even if it rains all day.”

The field is amazing! The old field had drainage issues that prevented us from getting full usage out of it, which resulted in having a lot of practices indoors.  Along with the obvious benefits of having a field that we can utilize everyday, it also brings great pride to the players and other student athletes to have a state of the art facility on their high school campus,” said Head Coach Julie Johnson.

With the season coming up, the players for this year’s team will be the first to step on the brand new turf field. 

“It is really important for the Foran Softball players to be the first to use the field! As a coach, I am so happy for them to be able to play on this field and I hope it brings pride to them too,” Johnson said.

While the upcoming Foran softball team will be the primary users of the field and the first to step onto the new turf, there are other teams that will also be using the field.

“While the field is made for softball, youth softball organizations as well as adult womens softball will also be using the field. The Foran soccer and lacrosse teams will also be using the field for practice,” said Mr. Vitelli. 

The message that this new field brings is a strong one. The coaching staff makes it a point for the players to understand the importance and significant impact that this new field has.

“The message that the new field brings to the players is that they are important members of the Foran Athletic community and the Milford Community as a whole. The city and administrators made it a priority to approve this field at a great expense. So I think they should know that they are worth it,” Coach Johnson stated.