Club Spotlight: Medical Career and Professions Club


Members of the MCP Club getting ready to dissect a cow heart. Photo courtesy of Brianna Aguilar.

Kayla Jurzyk

Staff Writer

        The medical industry has many fields including nursing, doctors, and various specialists. If you’re interested in the medical field, then you should join the Medical Career and Professions club here at Foran High School. The club helps prepare club members for a future in the medical field.

        MCP club provides opportunities for students to meet with medical professionals to learn more in-depth about their occupations. Thoracic surgeon, Dr. David Esposito is actively involved in the Foran community with FIT club. He often visits classes such as anatomy and meets with the MCP club to share information about his profession and the skills he uses. Dr. Esposito says, “There’s a few things I enjoy about it. First, everyday is different. You never know what’s going to happen in a single day. Second, you’re able to help people. You see them at their worst and can help them recover, maybe even save their lives. Thes best is not knowing what is going to happen every day. It’s not a boring job. It’s not a 9-5 job. There’s something to look forward to each day.”

Dr. Lavlav, a medical professional visits the club to speak
Photo courtesy of Brianna Aguilar.

      Involvement in the club has benefits which include being a great resume builder for future colleges, or jobs. The club prepares you for many careers and provides a great experience and learning environment. 

        The club introduces different learning aspects, co-president Eric Haig says, “Students involved in MCP club have the opportunity to learn many new medical skills and techniques such as suturing, taking blood pressure, and dissecting. These are essential skills for students who are interested in any medical profession, which is why it is so beneficial for students to have the opportunity to practice them in our club.” These are all basic skills in the medical field which will help prepare and gain experience while having fun. 

        You can impact the club in multiple ways by inviting friends. MCP club is a friendly environment open for all to learn and create a new experience in the medical field. Senior club member Leigha Howland mentions, “I joined MCP because I am interested in going into the medical field in the future. I wanted to learn about different potential career paths, and discover new options while hanging out with people who have similar interests.” Any suggestions about medical professionals you want to hear from are open to the clubs officers, and any questions you may have, don’t be afraid to ask!

        Co-president Brianna Aguilar says, “Anyone who is interested in the medical field should join MCP. It is an exciting way to see if you have a true interest in the profession and it can help you prepare for your future.”