Homecoming 2019: How To Find The Perfect Homecoming Dress


Now seniors, in their dresses at the homecoming dance last November. From left to right, Abbie Mitchell, Kalyn Cocchia, Jessica Anderson, Carly Whelan, Annalee Melton, Lexi Burwell, and Kayla Jurzyk. Photo Courtesy was taken on November 3, 2018, courtesy of Kalyn Cocchia.

Kensye Cocchia

Staff Writer

        As homecoming approaches fast this Saturday, November 11, many students, especially freshmen, can find a great deal of stress while searching for a dress. Based on experience, questions can quickly begin to swarm one’s head, where should I get my dress from? Should it be short or long? Should it be a tighter fit or looser fit, and etc? Some people can spend hours looking for that perfect dress, and not succeeding in their search. Luckily if you are stressed, and do not know where to start to find the perfect dress, here are some tips and tricks from upperclassmen students:

  • A student should consider the following:
    • What color dress do they have in mind? 
    • What length is desired, while still abiding by the school dress code policy? 
    • How much would they intend on spending? 
    • And what style dress does the student want?

        A student could find a dress on Instagram, which is a very viable tool for clothing inspiration in this day and age. Students can also type in any specific style of dress or details desired in a dress into google and the search results will show what stores carry a similar dress. Junior, Maci Pastir, searches for homecoming dresses at Lulus, Lucy in the Sky, Windsor, and Tobi which can all be easily accessed online. Although, Maci says, ¨I have success usually at Lucy in the Sky because there is plenty of options to choose from.¨ 

        The price of a homecoming dress depends on personal preference. Junior, Shea Carroll stated she, ̈ typically spends anywhere from $50-100 dollars on a dress for homecoming ̈ while Pastir spends ̈ no more than $40 on a dress.¨ Both juniors agree that a price does not matter as long as the dress is comfortable for you and makes you feel confident while wearing it. Styles of dresses Pastir recommends are wrap dresses, rompers, or dresses that lace up in the back. Carroll says, ¨I would recommend whatever the person’s preference is and whatever dress makes them comfortable,̈ given students will be dancing and in their outfits for the majority of the night. 

        The process of shopping for a homecoming dress is relatively easy as long as you know what to search for in a dress and take your time.  The dance this year is Saturday, November 16, 2019.