Get Ready to Race with Mario Kart Tour


Jacob Shushan playing Mario Kart on his phone. Photo courtesy of Devyn Weed.

Devyn Weed and Kaitlyn Dalby

Staff Writers

     All around Foran High School you see students constantly staring down at their phones.  But instead of texting, they have started playing the game Mario Kart Tour. All of a sudden the famous game Mario Kart has returned.  Juniors Kaylee Phung, Iris Chen, and Matthew Griffin are just some of many students that have started to play again.  

     People may remember the game Mario Kart from when they were younger. It is no coincidence that the mobile version of the game has already gotten more than 10.1 million downloads since it was released on September 25. All around the world people of all ages are playing it, trying to beat their own high scores.  

     Mario Kart is an old, classic game for teenagers in 2019.   Junior, Kaylee Phung says that she played Mario Kart as a kid.  She has a tie between Yoshi and Toad as her favorite character. Kaylee says, “it’s a lot of fun and I thought it would be like the Wii version.” Phung says, “I play with my friends or in my free time.”  Out of the many Mario Kart games, the mobile version is very different than the other ones. There are different controls, characters, and courses. Out of the students asked, all of them said the original version is better than the mobile. Junior, Iris Chen is one of those students. She likes the Nintendo DS version better because “It is multiplayer and you can play with your friends.” Matt Griffin also enjoys the original version because ̈I can actually race with my friends while I cannot in the mobile version.”  Both of these juniors are enjoying this game along with millions of other people in the world.

     Many people have downloaded this game and there are several different reasons why. Iris comments, ¨I got the game because it reminded me of my childhood when I used to play it with my family.  At that time we played it on our Nintendo DS, so I thought it was exciting they created a game for mobile.” Griffin decided to get the game for a different reason and he says, ¨I saw all my other friends playing it and it looked like fun.¨

     Recently, there has been a Halloween update that incorporated Luigi into the game.  A Halloween-themed track was available until November 5, 2019. This offered unique prizes and special gifts.  Characters had different versions to get into the Halloween spirit.