Lion Pride Swims For Heart


Foran Swimming and Dive at Lion Heart’s 2018 event showing spirit. Photo Courtesy of Meghan Condon

Seraiah LaPorte

Staff Writer 

        Foran High school’s girls swim team gets involved in the annual Lion Heart organization on October 13th located in the natatorium at 7 am. Foran teams up with other high schools in the area including Law and Lauralton to raise money for awareness.

        Lion Heart is an organization that funds for the research of breast cancer and helps raise money to then donate to breast cancer researchers at Smilow Cancer Hospital located at Yale New Haven and Yale Cancer Center. The organization was founded by Kathleen van Rijin after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. Lion Heart has now created many ways to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer which include Lap-a-Thons. The Lion Heart Lap-a-Thons are swimming events in the Connecticut area which compare the number of laps girls swim to the amount of money raised; more laps means more money raised.

        The head coach of Foran’s girls swim team is Coach Meghan Condon who participates in Lion Hearts organization every year. Condon has been participating in Lion Heart for the past five years and enjoys being apart of the cause. Condon shares, “The comradery between the girls and the other teams in Milford is the best part…it’s a great time for all of the swim teams in the town to come together to raise money and awareness for breast cancer.¨ The link between all of Milford’s team creates a presence of unity. 

        One of the captains for the team this year is Bella McPadden who’s been participating in Lion Heart’s organization for four years. McPadden looks forward to the Lion Heart event each year as it allows for great fun while raising money for a resourceful cause. McPadden shares, “ Lion Heart is one of my favorite events of the season…us girls get to have a fun morning, eating lots of food, bonding, and making memories…we are also making a contribution to an organization that is committed to finding a cure for breast cancer.” 

        With Lion Heart Lap-a-Thons, it creates an environment of familiar faces while funding for a cause. The organization also helps build up relationships within the Connecticut community by coming together. McPadden also includes, “The most important aspect that comes out of this event is helping Lion Heart achieve their goal to collect funds that provide great potential to help conduct breakthrough research in finding a cure…” At the end of the event, Foran and Connecticut’s community create a lighthearted and inspirational environment. 

        The Lion Heart cause creates bonds and relationships while also raising awareness for breast cancer in the community.