The Fall Season Brings Thanksgiving Traditions


Friendsgiving celebrated at Daniya Chopra’s House. Top to Bottom- Mary Grace Weissauer and Emily Jankura, Paige Carlson and Daniya Chopra, Anna Byers and Lauren heenan, Bella Ribera and Emma Jerue.

Mary Grace Weissauer 

Jess Sanders

Staff Writers 

        As the leaves turn this fall, so does the new season, bringing Thanksgiving right around the corner. The Thanksgiving season is a time for families to gather to spend time together; whether that means baking apple pies or eating a delicious meal together. Families have traditions for this special holiday. No matter what religion or heritage they come from, families celebrate in their own ways. 

        Sole Meade, a junior, celebrates Thanksgiving at her house every year. Her whole family comes over, they eat lots of food and her family enjoys playing games. “After dinner and dessert, my family plays LRC and games for the night.” Meade’s favorite food is stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and roasted ham. She comes from a big family and loves to have everyone around for the holidays. 

        Junior Chloe Oliver remarks she, “likes watching Charlie Brown when we are tired after eating. Also the next day we get a Christmas tree.” 

        History teacher, Ms. Hoffer, says she enjoys watching football and loves to host family events. She decorates turkey hands with her little cousins. She also mentions that she loves the family atmosphere along with the traditions and games. 

        Wesley Buzelle, a junior on the varsity football team, explains how his whole family attends his game. Jenna Cichowski attends the football game because she enjoys seeing her friends on the holiday. Her family hosts every other year. Cichowski’s favorite food is baked mac and cheese. 

        Seniors, Anthony DiPetro and Sarah Portoff enjoy spending time with their family. DiPetro enjoys eating Thanksgiving food and when asked what his favorite food is he says, “All of it, I don’t really have a favorite.” Portoff mentions that she enjoys spending the holiday at her grandparents. She hosts Thanksgiving breakfast at her house and then visits her grandparents for dinner. 

        Ryan Jordan plays football with his family and friends. Jordan also enjoys the food and mentions his favorite is ham.  

        Many participate in Friendsgiving, a potluck style dinner where friendship is celebrated. Junior girls explain their love for this tradition. 

        “I love Friendsgiving because I love being able to share a little part of Thanksgiving with them,” says Emma Jerue. Emily Janjura adds to this, saying, “Friendsgiving was a chance for all our friends to get together to celebrate how we are grateful for our friends.” 

        It is clear that this holiday is celebrated in many different ways by families.  But no matter how your family celebrates it’s special to everyone because it’s the time of the year that you can spend time with family and all be together.  “Having friends to celebrate and cherish during this time of year is what makes this holiday so special,” Daniya Chopra remarks about Friendsgiving.