Choosing Between Black Friday And Cyber Monday


The outside of forever 21, a popular store to get good Black Friday deals. Photo courtesy Amanda Queiroz.

Amanda Queiroz

Abby Woodward

Staff Writers

        The end of Thanksgiving Day is the beginning of the holiday season, which starts quickly with Black Friday. However, you may catch better sales by staying home on November 29 instead. Black Friday sales cause people to begin shopping from dawn until dusk looking for the best sales and markdowns for gifts toward the holidays. Instead of having to go through the trouble of fighting for sales with other sleep-deprived customers, many wait until after Black Friday to pass and for Cyber Monday to come to explore the sales in a different way.

        Many people save up money and wait for Black Friday to come around to catch good sales as seasonal gifts. According to media specialist and retail enthusiast, Mrs. Karen Maren, “I believe you can get better sales during the year and don’t have to get up early in the morning and fight the crowd.” She stated that she used to shop on Black Friday and had stopped for this reason. 

        Many have found Cyber Monday to be more convenient and cheaper than Black Friday, Mrs. Wendy Valleau, Latin teacher, says, “I hardly ever shop in person anymore… I love Cyber Monday, I’m careful and it’s more controlled, but you still need self-control when shopping.” She continues to explain the personal experience of working as a model in department stores on Black Friday and explains, “The scariest thing I’ve seen is when the security has to chase down people for stealing.” 

        While others, like senior Lexi Thomas, explain, “ I prefer Black Friday… I like to use it as a reason to go out and have fun with my friends and it’s a good way to work off the food you ate at Thanksgiving.”  

        Junior, Aliya Prosser additionally says, “I like Black Friday, it’s just something fun to look forward to after Thanksgiving night.” 

        Overall, the preference depends on the person, if you enjoy shopping with your friends, you can turn Black Friday into a fun day out, whereas going Black Friday shopping to catch good, spontaneous deals may be less successful. If you’re looking to stay home, but still find deals and sales, Cyber Monday could be more in your alley. Both days have specific deals and benefits depending on your shopping preference.