Teacher Spotlight: Hitting the Right Notes with Ms. Voss


Voss and her students after winning competition at Six Flags New England. Photo taken on May 24, 2019 courtesy of Sophie Corbett.

Katherine Parker

Staff Writer

        Ever since her childhood, teacher Theresa Voss has been a fan of music, whether it be through her high school band in Arizona or here at Foran directing the Choir and Advanced Vocal Ensemble. This year marks the 30th anniversary of her teaching music countrywide and she loves it more every single day. 

        Voss explains that her students truly make teaching worthwhile. She says they are the reason she does what she does. “I could never really see myself doing anything else,” Voss says “Teaching music creates this relationship with your students that could never be broken otherwise.”

         Music is her passion and it reflects in her students. Advanced Vocal Ensemble-member Isabel Blanco agrees. She says, “Ms. Voss makes the school such a kind and accepting environment and seeing her always makes my day.” 

        Voss’ commitment to choir both at Foran and at Calf Pen Meadow, where she also teaches music, is shown through her hard work and dedication to the classes. 

        Along with choir, Voss also advises Drama Club and the Gender/Sexuality Alliance. In both clubs, she makes sure to provide the safest environment as possible, as well as monitor what happens. Choir Vice President and GSA President, Macy Vital, believes Voss creates a welcoming environment for all. “Voss is both a mother figure and a mentor,” Vital says. “Her presence is so warm and inviting and any person that joins Choir, GSA, or even Drama Club would not only learn from her, but also step into a community unlike any other.”

        Teachers also recognize her achievements and the hard work she puts into her everyday life. Band Director, Jessica Turner, works alongside Voss in both Drama Club and the music department and acknowledges her dedication to the job, “[Voss] is an amazing colleague to work with as a music teacher and with our drama club. We collaborate in so many ways but most importantly she is the kind of person who helps you to be your best self. I see her do this with students all the time as she develops relationships through high-quality musical experiences that include concerts, festivals, and trips.” 

        For 30 years, Voss’ passion for the arts has been reflected through her teaching as well as her everyday actions. She places a positive influence on her students along with her co-workers and proves how much music can have an impact on a person’s life.