The Release of Terminator: Dark Fate


Poster for new Terminator: Dark Fate movie. Photo courtesy of the official Terminator: Dark Fate movie website.

Daniel Abate

Renzo Silva

Staff Writers

         With the newest release of Terminator: Dark Fate, fans have been running to the theater to see the newest movie in the series. The Terminator series has been a classic hit and well-known series for many people. Known for being one of the most action-packed movies out, it has been winning with the ratings and fans have been reacting about the new movie on social media. 

         According to the AV Club, “ This past weekend’s box office results are a real test of one’s outlook. If you’re a “glass half full” kind of analyst, then Terminator: Dark Fategenerally favored by critics and audiences—had a perfectly fine opening weekend. It was the number one movie in the country, drawing in $29 million across 4,086 screens and to some, a win is a win.”

        According to Fox News, “Internationally, ‘Dark Fate’, earned $72.9 million from 48 markets. Fox International, not Paramount, is handling international distribution, excluding China.” Needless to say, the movie was extremely successful in the time that it was released. 

        Arnold Schwarzenegger has been the main character for most of the movies in the series and has been around since the first movie back in 1984. Terminator had made Schwarzenegger a well-known actor with the benefit of boosting his career as an actor. Schwarzenegger, casting as The Terminator, made the character an iconic figure in the franchise when people hear his name, most people instantly think of Terminator. 

        Abel Silva, parent and a fan of the Terminator movies, speaks his views about the whole franchise, “The Terminator film series is amazing, it’s packed with gun-action and great fight scenes,” Silva adds on, “Arnold Schwarzeneggers’s acting is so bad*** and terrific and I’m glad he gets to reprise his role again as the Terminator. Overall, this movie is going to be a great addition to the series and I’m really looking forward to seeing the film.”

        With the newest movie release of the series, fans should look forward to the new edition to the series and be excited to have their minds blown. Terminator: Dark fate is currently in theaters now worldwide.