College Football Playoff Predictions

The Top 4 Playoff Teams


Oregon celebrating after winning the Pac-12 Football Championship Game. Photo courtesy of AP Photo and Tony Avelar.

Nick Turner

Staff Writer 

        It’s that time of the year again, the college football playoffs are right around the corner and the race to be in the top four is in full swing. 

        National powerhouses such as Alabama, Clemson, LSU and Ohio State are again competing to be one of the top four ranked teams in the country as the playoffs inch closer and closer. 

        Ohio State and LSU are now the two front runners to be #1 as long as each of them remains undefeated. 

        After losing to LSU and Auburn, Alabama dropped to #9 in the rankings behind #8 Baylor; who has had a shockingly good season and #7 Florida who has played up to its potential so far this season. 

        Foran alum, Lance Dinatale, says this about Alabama’s season so far, “I believe that Alabama is for sure a top 4 team with Tua Tagovailoa at starting quarterback. They lost to LSU who is one of the best teams in the country by 5 and Tagovailoa was not 100% healthy.” 

        The reigning national champions, Clemson, has had a good season as expected but has faced criticism for playing an easy schedule and playing in an easy conference. Also after only beating North Carolina 21-20 people were quick to say how they have fallen off and aren’t as strong as previous seasons. 

        Outside of the top four are #5 Utah who has impressed this season with a very strong defense, #6 Oklahoma who has looked very good this season with Alabama transfer quarterback and Heisman contender Jalen Hurts. 

        “After Tua Tagovailoa injured his hip, I think that kicks Alabama out of the playoff race and gives Georgia a better chance to make it in,” says senior, Tanner Lucy. 

        With the remaining schedules of the top six teams and recent injuries that have taken place, the teams that I believe will make it in the top four go as follows, #4 Georgia, #3 Clemson, #2 Ohio State and #1 LSU, after Oregon losing to an unranked Arizona State, they are officially out of the playoff race leaving #5 Utah and #6 Oklahoma as the New Year’s Six Bowl game. 

        The reasons behind my top four rankings go as follows, Although Georgia lost to South Carolina, they have quality wins vs multiple top 25 teams such as Florida, Auburn, and Notre Dame. 

        Clemson deserves a spot because they are undefeated, and even though they have faced easier teams, they dominate every team they play. 

        Ohio State deserves a spot for the same reasons that Clemson does, except they have faced a harder schedule and they have dominated teams outscoring opponents by over 40 points per game according to 

        LSU deserves the #1 seed for multiple reasons, they have dominated their opponents and have faced the toughest opponents beating Texas, Auburn, Florida, and Alabama all by a touchdown or more.