The Students Get Served

How the staff won against the students in a fundraiser volleyball game.


Both the students and teachers who participated in the volleyball fundraiser game. Photo Courtesy @manestreetmirror Instagram

Emily Jankura

Staff Writer

        Once a year, teachers and students come together to support United Way. In the last four years, Foran has hosted a volleyball game to raise money to go to United Way, raising over $19,693 dollars over the past five years. 

        Organizing the event are team captains, Mrs.  L. Farrell and Ms. Hirschbeck. Ms. Hirschbeck states, “United Way is a nonprofit organization that has 1,200 local offices throughout the country and they disperse money to charities that support health education and the financial stability of communities.” 

        The teachers can specifically pick a cause within United Way or the money goes in as a whole to whichever organization needs it. This year Foran raised $535 just from the game. Hirschbeck also mentions, “This was on par with past years and all the teachers donate too in slips that are separate from the game money”(volleyball event).

        As the students play, they present a technique to figure out which players are most beneficial. While playing each player in sets, Will Phelan observed the students’ strengths and weaknesses to work together and create a “power team.” Evidently, it was shown that at different times the students substituted in the boys all together and then the girls. As opposed to the teacher’s team, junior Emma Jerue comments her observation. She noticed that “It looks like some of the teachers have a background of playing volleyball which helps their team succeed.” 

        The first set ended 25 to 11 with the teachers in the lead. At a few moments in, students and faculty begin to argue with the referee showing their sense of competition. After the second set ends 25 to 22, teachers still winning. While rotating teammates, both sides show correct volleyball techniques. Showing uniformity in their positions and skills, the staff and students tend to present familiar volleyball methods such as bumping, setting, and spiking. Many audience members may assume taller players would be more successful in getting to the ball and getting it over the net, but sophomore Anthony Giordano shows many good qualities. 

        As another way to get students involved and raise more money, during half time the teachers volunteered themselves to be pied by a student. At that moment, Mr. Raucci was brought to the front and was pied in the face, making a huge mess. 

         A junior on the student’s team, Eric Haig, commented, “I just wanted to go out there and have fun and do the best I could. I feel it is [United Way] a great way to help out others and have fun at the same time.”

         The last set ended as 25 to 12, resulting in the teachers winning the whole game. The girl’s volleyball team helped set up the court and were referees during the game. One of the referees, Paige Carlson, included, “It was expected that the teachers were going to win because they have been playing together for longer. It was also funny to watch people who don’t play volleyball on the court since it’s usually me out there.”