The Glam Shop Club Makes Their Debut


Glam Shop Poster

Jared O’Sullivan

Staff Writer

        The Glam Shop Club is a new club at Foran High School designed and created to teach proper makeup techniques as well as learning about hair and nails. The Glam Shop Club, which started this year, captured the attention of many students, gaining over 40 new members who signed up. The group also meets every other Friday. As makeup becomes more common between men and women, there is always room to explore the big question, should wearing makeup be part of our society’s norms?

        According to Junior Laniya Velez, the founder, she started the club because “my parents told me to join a club and I didn’t have any interest in any clubs in the school, so I made my own”. In the club, Velez and the other officers teach the fellow members upcoming trends such as new hairstyles and new ways to pursue makeup. Since new brands of makeup keep on coming up with new products, there’s always room to explore, from new styles, colors, patterns and more. 

         According to the New York Times, the answer is simple; they believe it depends on the person and how comfortable they are with and without makeup. a lot of celebrities abstained from makeup to show their fans how comfortable they are with their bodies, and to provide their fans with hope and comfort that they can do the same.

        Velez wasn’t alone in leading the club, she also had Sophomores Cecilia Felix and Mivette Gracia.

        Felix decided to become a co-president because, in her words, “why not”, at the club meetings she reported that she helps “set up” the meetings and organize for when members arrive.

         A lot of modern and complex techniques they use makes it so that makeup is extremely subtle. New colors, techniques, brushes and tools alike. In the Glam shop Club, it is Velez, and the co-presidents’ jobs and goals to make its members feel comfortable with who they are while having fun learning about what makeup, hair, and nail styles can help them become and how it can make them feel. 

         Velez didn’t only get her impressive amount of members overnight, she worked hard between her classes and between her school and social life to hang up posters and promote her club.