Pleasant As a Dove

Ms.Dove Takes On Foran High School


Foran High School’s new school counselor Ms.Dove.

Aliya Prosser

Staff Writer

       We tend to look at student success as an independent goal. Although they are simply the ones that tackle the day-to-day lessons and activities, there are other factors that play into how effective they will be at achieving their dreams; specifically school counselors. School counselors at Foran serve as a resource that allows students to establish a strong structure to their academic agenda while being able to meet the emotional and educational barriers they face along the way. With that said, their position plays a meaningful role in one’s high school experience. Furthermore, Foran urges students to create solid relationships with their counselors so their opportunities are unlimited.

       With the newest addition to the counseling staff, Foran continues to encourage students to build such connections going forward. After the retirement of school counselor, Ms. Hughes, towards the beginning of September, we can officially welcome Ms. Dove into the school with enthusiasm towards this fresh school year.

       Some may recognize Ms. Dove from her involvement within the Milford educational system altogether. Previously, she had worked as a substitute at Jonathan Law High School. However, as of the end of last school year, she covered for Ms. Bier, school counselor at Foran, while she was on leave. From taking part in these public schools, she has successfully been able to cherish the rewarding task of counseling. After reflecting upon the purpose her job holds, she states, “I love making relationships with students and I would like to help them discover who they are and what they would like to do with their futures.” Through affirming this, she intends on prioritizing the creation of bonds between her students and herself as her main goal throughout her time here. Because of such passion she carries into this position, Ms. Dove is destined to be an excellent addition to the counseling team.

       The focus Ms. Dove has on producing proficient students has already been recognized as well. Mr. Berkowitz, principal here at Foran, offers further insight on her transition into the building. Due to the circumstances of Ms. Dove’s prior experience with the faculty, he speaks on the valuable attributes she contains for taking on this role. Noting these skills, he states, “Ms. Dove works well with the other counselors within the counseling staff. She makes sure to ask questions and learn from the other counselors as much as she can. Her transition into the building has been smooth”. Following the application process that comes with selecting a new school counselor, this confidence in her work so far suggests that she will be the best person for this task. 

       As well, Ms. Bier gives details regarding her entrance into the school at this point in time by highlighting the positive traits that Ms. Dove obtains. Since a meeting they had breaking down the happenings of the students while Ms. Bier was absent, Ms. Bier was able to allege that, “My students were taken care of while I was away. Ms. Dove built many great connections with students in that time”. Therefore, the engaged qualities she has are defended again by a familiar member of Foran’s counseling team.

       The potential Ms. Dove brings to the school offers the benefits that come with having a supportive school counselor. Using the determination and confidence she expresses towards her new position, Ms. Dove is ready to fly high at Foran.