Take Two: Anna and Elsa Take on Another Adventure in Frozen II


The characters of the new released movie, Frozen 2. Photo courtesy of https://frozen.disney.com/

Kaitlyn Dalby

Lindsey Larese

Staff Writers

       Frozen 2 was shown in theaters everywhere, premiering on November 22, 2019.  Little kids are trying to hold back in line with their parents to watch this new sequel to Frozen. The production is all about Anna and Elsa going on another snow-filled adventure with Olaf, Sven, and Kristoff.  Students from Foran went to see the movie and they all have different opinions about it. 

       Lauren Heenan, a junior, says, “I personally didn’t really like the movie. As usual, the sequel is never as good as the original and I thought it was a little confusing for such a young audience.” Frozen 2 also introduced a new soundtrack that Heenan said was not as good as the originals.  

       The fan-favorite characters also returned in this sequel. Heenan says ¨My favorite character is Kristoff because I feel like he is so relatable and calls other characters out on funny things they do.  He is also really sarcastic which I love.

       Dustin Hueffman, a junior, went to this movie the day after it premiered.  Hueffman says “Olaf is my favorite character because he doesn’t care about the way the world affects him. “

       Another, junior, Kayleigh Hackett, says that this was a good sequel because it followed up on the characters and gave everyone more closure about Elsa and the others.  

       Hackett went to see it with her two friends and says, ̈I really liked the movie, the storyline was fun and engaging and it was cool to see how the characters had changed.¨  

       She also comments about her favorite character.  She says, ̈I think my favorite character was Elsa because she had the most dynamic storyline and I was most interested in her during the movie.¨  

       Frozen 2 is now out in theaters to watch another sensational, icy adventure with Anna and Elsa.