Foran Helps Heroes

Alex Tobin

Michael Bakx

Staff Writers

Recently, in accordance with the Veterans’ Day celebration, Foran High School reached out and helped the organization Homes for the Brave. Social Studies teachers, Mr. Tupka and Mrs. Gilman organized a collection to be sent out to those in need. One of the many Homes for the Brave is located in Bridgeport, Connecticut on 655 Park Avenue. This organization provides housing and services essential to aid homeless veterans and citizens and help them return to a productive and meaningful way of life. Not only does this organization provide safe housing but it also provides occupational training and helps them find stable jobs. They also help improve life skills, as well as mental health and provide addiction services for people involved. The collection at Foran started on November 3 and came to an end on November 14.  Foran was very successful in aiding the organization and was able to fill a whole van full of food and supplies. There was an estimate of 1,300 items. Olivia Ellwanger, Development Associate for Homes for the Brave, said, “I have been with Homes for the Brave since July of 2013. This was my second year working with Foran High School and we are very grateful for the continued support!” Mr. Tupka said, “It is a fantastic organization that not enough people have the privilege to know about and we are very proud that through the efforts of Foran High School we are able to support those in need and get the word out.” Junior, Joey DellaMonica, felt great that he could have an impact on the life of those in need. He has heard about the organization before due to his father being a veteran of the United States Air Force. He would definitely participate in another collection and would urge his peers to do the same.