YAG Takes the UN

Dylan DeStefano

Staff Writer

The Youth and Government Club went on a trip completely new to Foran. This was a mock United Nations trip at Fairfield University. Students had to become a whole new person or organization and argued for the political views of these people or organizations. The mission was to solve a problem currently happening in the world including the conflict in Egypt and the child trafficking in India. Many students became different personalities including Pierce Klein as Isis and Amber Frank as Indian Cabinet Member Kalya Malik. “It was a whole new experience,” Amber (Youth and Gov. Vice President) stated, “I’m glad that our club is spreading to new activities and areas. It was exciting to learn all about the United Nations and how it works.” For the youth and government club, the United Nations Conference was a great warm up exercise for the state congress conference in January and March. Mrs. Gilman stated “All the students had a great experience. They engaged in high level negotiation and listened to experts in the field of international relations.” This United Nations conference will loosen up the nerves and get people comfortable with the process. In fact Matt Downing won the most outstanding delegate for the mock U.N. conference. The Youth and Government Club will get started on the process of making bills with the leadership of Mr. Tupka and Mrs. Gilman. Mr. Tupka stated “Model UN was a great way for student to engage and use their higher order thinking skills.” They restarted the club after a one year break. It is truly a greatly inspired club to mold leadership and grow the youth of today.