Dashing Into Track Season


Three senior girls pose for a picture at track practice for Ms.Farrell December 5th,2019 Photo Courtesy of, Lisa Farrell

Frances Grabowski 

Makenzie Wisniewski 

Staff Writers

       As winter approaches, the winter sports season approached quickly as well. Track season started with some off-season conditioning in the fall. Yet, the first practice for the season was on December fifth. Winter sports at Foran is something that many students, as well as faculty, look forward too. Sports such as basketball, hockey, wrestling, gymnastics, and indoor track are just some of the winter activities that Foran provides for its students. 

       However, with a new class of seniors and loss of Rick Raucci, there is a new coach Emily Lockhart, joining head coach Peter Jambor. The students of the indoor track team were eagerly waiting for the new season to begin.

       Track is the perfect sport for many different people, it has not only one event but many. The different events consist of pole vault, shot put, 55 meter, 100 meter, 200 meter, 400 meter, 800 meter, sprint, and medley. Last year head coach Peter Jambor states, “Last season Foran placed 8th at the SCC East Sectional Meet, 11th at the SCC Championships, which included Nick Costantini earning SCC Champion in the pole vault and 12th Place at the Class M State Championships.” The program has shown progression throughout the years as far as successes and will continue to show more, this upcoming season. There are high expectations set for the underclassman Jambor quotes, “ Looking for continued success from our returning veterans and hoping to discover some talented track athletes from the freshman and sophomore classes.”

        Junior, Mason Barrett says, “I’m very excited for the season to begin. I’m excited to meet the new coach as well as make new memories with my team. Another exciting aspect of the season is picking captains for the team. Barrett says, “Something that I look for in a captain would be their compassion for the team as well as someone who can be a leader and role model for us.”

        Of course, every year a group of seniors leaves the school, most years this greatly impacts the team the following year. Although sophomore Kathleen Ourflian says, “ With the seniors leaving and last years  captains, I think this is a time for everyone to step up and fulfill the roles of these people, and we can be just as successful.” Seniors are supposed to set an example for the rest of the team. As for the captains, many look for someone who can be friends on and off the track and be supportive and uplifting constantly.  

       According to the American Heart Association, “it is important to stay active, and have healthy eating habits in order to keep your heart health.” Track is a fun way to stay active and be involved with sports after school. With the season coming quickly  Ourfalian quotes, “ I’m excited to be able to stay physically fit, and have a lot of fun all in one.” There are roughly 35 kids involved with this program already and the team is hoping for many more to become involved with it. Head coach, Jambor, says, “For this year’s team to be successful, everyone needs to work hard and be in top physical condition at the start of the season.  Also, it will be up to the coaching staff to match each athlete with the events that they will have the most success with.”