Should Teachers Assign Homework Over Winter Break?

Students can have piles of homework over break, most of which gets done on the last day of break. Photo courtesy of

Nathan Wolfe

Staff Writer

        Some teachers give winter break work, which can pile up for students. This should be a time to celebrate the holidays, spend time with family, and go on vacation. Both teachers and students have different viewpoints regarding the validity of homework over break. 

       For some, they end up just doing it all on the last day of break, which causes them stress. Students will have to spend hours doing work on their last day of break. Junior, Robin Jans, said, “It is our time to relax. I’ll end up doing it all on the last day.” This is what most students do, causing a lot of them to return to school stressed out. According to a study done by Stanford University, 56 percent of students considered homework to be a primary source of stress.

        Some students even resort to other ways of getting their work done by cheating. A student, who would like to remain anonymous said, “I always ask my friends for the work because I don’t feel like spending hours over my break doing it.” This just results in many students being behind when they return to school, which negatively affects the students and teachers.

        Many kids also go on vacation over the holiday break. Assigning homework will only take away from these students’ vacations because they are going to be worried about doing their homework instead of enjoying their trip.

       If someone takes multiple AP classes they can expect hours of homework. Many students will not focus on actually learning the material, and instead focus on getting the work done. This just takes away from them learning the material that they need to know.

       But, there may be a reason for the work. Although it could be unpopular, it may be needed because, in some AP classes, the teachers need to assign work. Teacher, Austin Cesare said, “We need to assign homework over the break in order to cover the material.” He does not want to assign it any more than the students want to do it. Cesare also said, “I assign the work a month before the break so students can choose if they want to do it over the break.” He believes that everyone deserves a break but the material needs to be covered.