Dealing With Stress

A painting Tatyanna created when she was stressed one day.

A painting Tatyanna created when she was stressed one day.

Tatyanna Bun

Staff writer

        As midterms are approaching and the start of a new semester, students are starting to become more stressed out about grades. There are many different approaches students like to take when dealing with stress.

        Most students at Foran tend to like listening to music because it is a way to distract themselves from whatever is bothering them. Freshman Rowan Soracco says, “ When I get super stressed out about school I tend to find myself in my room just laying down and listening to different types of music. I can be in a bad mood or really worked up about something but as soon as I start listening to music I find myself more calm.” Many other students also agreed with her like senior Sarah Davies. 

        Junior Jacob Shushan says, “ Usually when I get really stressed out, I like to play music on the piano because I started playing about a year ago and I’ve found that playing the keys eases my mind. Or I enjoy playing the guitar since I have been playing ever since I was six years old, usually after I play I always feel at peace with myself.” 

        Some people enjoy doing physical activity to deal with stress like senior Travis Gentley says, “ I go on jogs with my friend Drew Izzo because the cool breeze on my face helps clear my mind and relieve stress, being outside is a good place to be when trying to ease your mind.” Math teacher Mrs. Coubron says, “I enjoy going kick boxing when stressed out.” states that in order for an individual to deal with stress, they need to be able to identify where the stress is coming from. It also claims that when dealing with the stress an individual should try to avoid people who bring them stress to be happier and try to be in a healthy environment.  For example, senior Drew Izzo says, “ Whenever I find myself stressed out about something I like to go to the gym and work out because when I am at the gym it distracts me from my stress so I am not as worked up.”

        Junior Liz Dong usually gets stressed out about school work and says, “ I like to listen to Frank Ocean because it calms me down. I also like playing different songs on the piano or ukulele and singing.” Doctor Jane Collingwood did a study about how listening to music can help relax the brain. Music also helps people with how they feel and is a way for them to express their moods…

         Some methods to cope with stress are not helpful in the long run, for example, freshman Hannah Salsbury says, “Normally I take a nap to feel better but it doesn’t really help with my stress because after I nap I realize how much I need to do.” This is just one example of how some coping mechanisms can only prevent stress temporarily.