Fantasy Sports in Foran


Junior, Juanito Briones, looking at his fantasy team on his phone.

Dylan Fernandez, Editor

       For many students at Foran, their fantasy football seasons have ended and fantasy basketball seasons beginning. Participating in fantasy sports is a staple activity for sports fans, and allows them to play a game within the game.

       People play fantasy sports by making a league of however many friends they like, then take turns drafting players until they have a full team. Most leagues set up teams to mirror NFL teams as closely as possible, including wide receivers, running backs, tight ends, quarterbacks, defenses, kickers, and flex spots. Teams then face each other each weak and the team with the highest point total wins the matchup. Senior Luke Ardolino enjoys draft day and the excitement it brings.

       “I enjoy the feedback I get from other people on how I did on my draft, and drafting players you think are gonna be sleepers,” “But in all honesty, it’s usually not gonna turn out how you want it to.”

       Trading is a large part of the game and many teams trade with others in their league to try and get a good deal that benefits them. 

       The competitiveness that comes with fantasy allows friends to roast each other for fun and get on each other’s nerves. Especially when his season is going bad, Ardolino likes down talking his league-mates.

       “I also enjoy trash talking other teams and telling them how bad they are.” 

       While fun, some people take fantasy sports very seriously and it becomes a stressful endeavor for them. Senior Isaiah Fazio enjoys the competitiveness but dislikes the luck involved.

       “It’s so luck oriented,” He said, adding, “A player you need could get injured and there’s nothing you can do about it. One player on your bench can do great and someone in your lineup can get 0.”

        With playoffs approaching for those playing fantasy football, Many have also just started their fantasy basketball seasons. Fantasy basketball works similarly to its football counterpart, except it involves drafting basketball teams instead of football teams.

       Fantasy sports are an outlet for friends to be competitive together and share exciting moments unlike any other.