Winter is Here and it’s Terrible


A frozen desk, ice, and tire. Photo courtesy of Shawn Gaul.

Shawn Gaul, Staff Writer

       Winter is the worst season of the year and I hate it. From freezing cold weather to the sun setting at four in the afternoon, winter is here and it’s terrible. The pure cold prevents those from doing the things they may wish to do such as, simple walks on the boardwalk, roller coaster rides, swimming and anything that involves just going outside is simply more enjoyable with the nicer weather. 

       “I really hate the cold weather and the snow that comes with it. I’m planning on moving to a warmer area just so I can never have to deal with it,” said senior Trevor Perrotti. 

       The cold can also cost you financially with cars especially. It can impact different things on your vehicle. The cold could strain your battery which means you can have trouble starting the car. The salt that the snowplows put down on the road do melt ice and snow, but when driven over can cause rust and damage. These damages are not covered but auto insurance either according to

       “I don’t really don’t like winter because I wake up to a frozen windshield. This slows me down in the morning and sometimes makes me late to school,” said senior Byrant Wardman. 

       People’s wardrobes are also limited in the winter as they are forced into wearing layers upon layers. Casual, easy clothing becomes impossible when dressing for freezing temperatures.

       “Also, my favorite clothes are simple shorts and t-shirts which cannot be worn,” added Wardman. 

       There are plenty of activities you can do in the snow and some people enjoy doing them. There is just more people that prefer warmer seasons over the winter. A news Gallup poll showed that 36% prefer spring,  fall 27%, summer 25%, and only 11% chose winter. 

       For that 11%, there are people that have a valid reason to enjoy it. Senior Evan White said, “I like it because it’s hockey season and I get to play my last season for it. And there is money in it,  plowing parking lots and driveways can pay very well.”

       Despite this, most of the time you find yourself locked inside or running back to your car to blast the heat. Clothing is also restricted during the season, bigger jackets and gloves could be annoying or uncomfortable to wear.