A Look Inside the Child Learning Center


Samantha Lambert , Sarah Moustafa

    The Foran Child Learning Center is an interactive program where the students here at Foran get the opportunity to learn hands on with the children through the different classes that are available. This program is open to the public, and anyone can enroll their child. 

     Department director, Mrs. Susan Tummins, has been teaching the child development classes here at Foran for 21 years and has been director of the program for the past 18 years. Teachers in the learning center include Mrs. Luce and Mrs. Abrams. Tummins says, “The Foran Child Learning Center is a laboratory classroom that was established 28 years ago through a federal grant. The center provides care for up to 10 preschool age children and offers high school students the unique opportunity to observe first hand the growth and development of young children.” 

     Mrs. Jennifer Bier, Foran school counselor has her son enrolled in this program. Bier says, “This is the first time my son has ever been in any type of program. I like having him in this program because it is small with under 10 kids, it focuses on play and provides an opportunity for good socialization with other kids.”

    The classes that are available for students include Child Development 1 and 2, which introduces students to the physical, intellectual, emotional and social growth of children from birth through the preschool years, including parenting skills and their effects on child development. Child Care Lab/Lab assistant allows students to plan and direct activities in all forms of play under the supervision of an adult, and the full year course, Early Childhood Education (ECE) provides a more indepth perspective on the importance of education in a young child.

               Each class focuses on different aspects of child development and the necessary knowledge of children as a whole. Tummins says, “Advanced students assist Mrs. Luce and Mrs. Abrams working directly with the young children in the center to plan art projects, prepare snacks and participate in music activities. The high school students are trained and responsible, and they gain experiences useful for a range of future careers.” These classes provide Foran students with an amazing opportunity to gain knowledge for the future, and have hands on experience.