Connecticut Activities for Winter Fun Winter Time


Photo courtesy, creative commons of a winter in CT. February 4, 2020.

Kensye Cocchia, staff writer

     Often times individuals will perceive Connecticut as boring in the winter time, since it is a small state, often known for our beaches. However, these individuals have not experienced CT in the winter in order to realize it is not just a summer state.

     From skiing to sitting inside watching movies and drinking hot chocolate, there are many leisure activities to do.

     Sophomore Andrew Kupson mentions that he ski’s every winter in Connecticut, “it is one of my favorite winter time activities.” Kupson is one out of many Connecticut residents who ski in the winter, given the state’s proximity to surrounding ski areas. 

     Kupson says, “I enjoy skiing in the winter because it is relaxing and fun.” Many activities Connecticut offers in the winter are for relaxation and fun, for example, snowmobiling. 

Some places to ski in Connecticut are

  • Power Ridge Mountain Park and Resort in Middlefield; Price ranges from $38-$49
  • Mount Southington in Plantsville; Prince ranges from $57-$62
  • Ski Sundown in New Hartford; The price is about $60
  • Mohawk Mountain Ski Area in Cornwall; Price ranges from $32-$62

     A lot of the activities are meant to be shared amongst friends or family.

     Another wintertime activity for residents to do in Connecticut is to ice skate. Junior Shea Carroll often enjoys this activity each winter. 

     Carroll says, “My favorite Connecticut winter tradition is ice skating because it is too cold to participate in activities outside and it is fun to do on a weekend with spare time.” She also mentions,“I usually go ice skating with my family and friends in the winter and ice skating rinks can be found all over the state.” Carroll mentions she ice skates a lot at the Milford Ice Pavilion, which has public skating every week for a small fee of $10.

     Sophomore Luca Ubaldi plays hockey for Foran during the winter season. Ubaldi has been playing hockey for many years, and during his high school season he mentions he loves playing hockey in the winter because, “There’s nothing like stick and puck with the boys.”      Other winter traditions are seeing museums and going to delicious restaurants in the state like

  •  Stonebridge Restaurant in Milford which overlooks the Milford lagoon and downtown area.
  • Aranci 67 in Ridgefield because the restaurant makes warm Italian food perfect for a cold day.
  • The best pizza restaurants in New Haven; Including Pepe’s Pizza and Sally’s Pizza because it is good comfort food for winter.
  • The Cottage in Westport is perfect for a day of wanting to be in a cozy environment with delicious food. 
  • Yale University Art Gallery in New Haven which displays beautiful and rare art.
  • Mystic Seaport Museum in Mystic which is a staple sight for CT.
  • The New Britain Museum of American Art which shows beautiful art while also relating it to America.

CT has more to offer than beautiful beaches. 


Photo courtesy of Kensye Cocchia, Jan. 2020.