1917 Movie Review


Movie Poster for 1917 photo courtesy IMDb.com

Jacob Papazoglou, Staff Writer

        The Movie 1917 has gotten lots of accolades, but is it really that much more than the typical war movie?

        The movie 1917 is directed by Sam Mendes, who also directed the 2012 movie Skyfall. Mendes was inspired by his grandfather to make the movie. Mendes’s grandfather enlisted at 17 years old and fought in World War I. According to an interview with NPR Mendes said, “It wasn’t until his mid-70s that he decided he was going to tell the stories of what happened to him when he was in his teenage years.”

        The movie 1917 takes place in northern France where corporals Blake (Dean-Charles Chapman) and Schofield (George MacKay) are given a new mission that could end up saving thousands, including Blake’s brother.  Just a few miles away from Blake and Schofeild another company, the one including Blake’s brother, have planned to attack German forces, causing the Germans to retreat further. However, recent intelligence suggests that the retreat is a trap and will lead the British forces right into an ambush that will cost thousands of British lives. 

        With radios down, Schofield and Blake must go to the other company in person. Where the two soldiers were crossing through no man’s land,  they were assured it would be a safe place to cross and they wouldn’t have any problems getting to the other company. That would prove not to be true due to them crossing enemy lines and witnessing all the carnage of World War I. The soldiers are very determined to get to the other company and are willing to put everything on the line to save thousands of other soldiers.

        The movie 1917 basically does for World War I what Saving Private Ryan does for World War II. The two movies are very similar in the fact that the main character must go through many struggles to save one or many people.

        However, 1917 never really comes to life as director Sam Mendes would have wanted. Some of the scenes feel stagnant with not much action. It also does not stray from what a typical war movie is with the plot being the same as many movies before it. Mendes could have done a lot more with 1917 than he did. The special effects in 1917 are top notch, however, and really help the movie. Junior Chance Wassmer said, “I really liked the special effects, they really added a lot to the movie.” With many of the scenes using these special effects it does add so much more to the movie. 

        In all I think 1917 is a good film that is worth a watch but is not a film that would blow you away in any form. With it being like many other war based movies it can be a little repetitive to see the same plot over and over again. If you have never seen a war movie then I would definitely check out 1917. The movie 1917 is nominated for 10 Oscar Awards and is also nominated for best picture.