Living Piece of History

Holocaust Survivor Endre Sarkany Visits Foran


Juanito Briones, Editor

      On Tuesday, a piece of living history paid Foran High School a visit, Mr. Endre Sarkany came and enlighted the freshman class and AP European History classes by telling his remarkable story of surviving the Holocaust. During this period, Mr. Sarkany lived in the Budapest ghettos until after WWII. 

      While Mr. Sarkany’s details of his experience during the Holocaust were compelling, it’s what he guides the students to do with their lives that are special. Mr. Sarkany related his lessons of hardship and perseverance to a life of daily positivity and optimism. Sakrany tells students to face new challenges every day despite it being out of their comfort zone. Sarkany cites him still recently participating in triathlons in his elder years as an example for the younger generation to try new and difficult things.

      Junior Olivia Ortiz says, “The most important thing I took away is that you have to remember and always respect where people come from and understand their story, this brought a perspective that this isn’t just something that we are studying in a book.”

      The assembly was originally offered for only the Freshman class, but teacher Mr. Frank Tupka fought for his own students to attend. Mr. Tupka says, “Kids can read about historical events in a book but when they have the opportunity to come face to face with such a consequential time in world history it’s an experience that cannot be passed up. The horrors experienced and bravery shown by Mr.Sarkany can only truly be honored by hearing him recount his own experiences. I think that it is a rare honor that high school students can be in the presence of some who have experienced so much.”