Thankful for Foran Football

Student section #freighttraindepotFootball players work on Thanksgiving

Foran Football team works on Thanksgiving
Foran Football team works on Thanksgiving
Priyanka Srivastava
Staff Writer
Once again, the Foran Football team won the highly anticipated Thanksgiving Game against Jonathan Law, with a final score of 41-21. This marks the seventh year in a row the lions have shown Milford who runs this town.
Foran and Law were tied 14-14 in the first quarter. Sophomore Brett Huber and junior Colin Firmender scored touchdowns for the Lions, but Law reciprocated with touchdowns of their own. Foran took the lead in the second quarter, after another touchdown by Firmender. Touchdowns by Jake Kasuba and Stephen Longley guaranteed a victory.
The Eagles had a very successful season, and their competitiveness showed in the final game of their season. Coach Bevino said, “They’ve won five in a row, so we’re very excited about the competition. It’s always a good game regardless of the records. You can throw them out the window. When two rival teams play each other, there is a lot of excitement and enthusiasm.”
Of course, this marks the last game of the season and the last time members of the Class of 2015 can run on to the field as a Lion. On the last game of the season, Coach Bevino said, “This is a big game. This is the toughest game for us because we have to say good-bye to our seniors, which is very sad. With that, we have won six years in a row and we want to keep the streak alive.” Kasuba, the quarterback who has had a very successful high school career, wanted the best for him and his teammates, and said,” I hope us seniors get what we have been working for all year and just show Milford who has the better team.”
The seniors have been able to bring home the championship all four years they’ve been here, and that’s an accomplishment they can look back and be proud of. Longley and Kasuba are joined by Josh Mixie and Anthony Raccio as the senior captains of the team. The senior class also includes Joe Radecki, Matt Carrano, David McLenithan, Pat Fitzgerald, Anibar Moras, Matt Rozmus, Esteban Velez, Rob Laggis, Zach Cardillichio, JR Pelligrino, and Cubby Canelli.
The audience of students, parents, teachers, and alumni all had a great time getting together to cheer on their teams. They were able to get together and celebrate not only their footballs teams, but also their school’s bands and cheerleading teams. Foran’s band was on fire, just like they have always been, and they performed their rendition of “Get Lucky” and “Funky Town” for the halftime show.
Thanksgiving also brings out the best in the student sections, but I think we can all agree that Foran won that battle as well. “I think a student section brings a lot of energy to the team”, said senior Dylan DeStefano. “It can mess with the other team’s head, so it can mess with their game strategy. The Thanksgiving game had a lot of raw emotion and a lot of power. I think we brought everyone together, had a good time, and helped the team win.” Although Law did win points with the Sumo wrestler costumes, they didn’t have money or confetti.
All in all, the Thanksgiving game gave Foran students a reason to be thankful that they are a lion.