Starfish on the Beaches

Jenna Chichowski holding a starfish at Anchor beach in Woodmont. Photo courtesy of Jenna Chichowski.

Jenna Chichowski holding a starfish at Anchor beach in Woodmont. Photo courtesy of Jenna Chichowski.

Annabelle Farrell, Staff Writer

        On Monday, April 13, Milford experienced their first large rainstorm of April. With the storm and the spread of the Coronavirus, many residents saw this as a troubled time. Yet to their happy surprise, what they didn’t expect was that all the waves crashing meant that there would be starfish surrounding the beaches. 

        Lately, people have been trying to keep themselves occupied however they can by still following the social distancing rules. One of the most popular ways to pass time has been to get outdoors and get active with family or by oneself

        Junior Jenna Chichowski stated, “I went to see the starfish because I live really close and it was a good excuse to get out of the house and take a walk by the beach. I was also really excited because I’ve never seen starfish so close to home!” 

        These starfish are extremely rare to see. They only come in with storms like this where the waves become very high, then are pulled back. This is also why so many people went to see the starfish. 


Photo of starfish found at Woodmont beach. Photo courtesy of Jenna Chichowski.

  Junior Jessie D’Avignon stated “I think so many people went to go see the starfish because we’ve never seen them appear on the beach before. It was really cool and interesting to see live starfish, especially so close to home.”  

        Many people wish they could see their friends and continue their normal lives. However, with the social distancing rules that is possible.  Having the starfish be scattered out in a safe environment made many people happy to be able to see them while following distancing guidelines. 

        Junior Alex Velez stated “I think the starfish made people’s day. Since everyone is mostly sad all the time, a simple thing was able to make many happy. There were also so many families with young kids down at the beach and seeing the young kids smiling and laughing brings everyone hope.” 

        The starfish being out symbolized something good for many people to see. The weather combined with the virus has made many people sad and unsure but the starfish has been a small sign of light within this time. 

      D’Avignon stated “I think the starfish caused a significant rise in people’s spirits. So many people were smiling and laughing trying to find the starfish that you almost forgot about everything going on. We’ve all been inside for a while now, so going outside to see something like this was amazing! It made you remember that eventually we’re gonna be able to go outside again and see all of our friends and family.”