Six Studying Strategies: Online Schooling during Covid-19


PLAN: Agenda for week 1 of phase 3 online learning.

Isabel Messore, Editor

       There’s no doubt that students are under an immense amount of pressure regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. Precautions of social distancing required many schools in the United States to temporarily close until further notice. In regard to academics, students are still mandated to attend classes and complete work through online instructions and assignments. Here are a few tips and tricks to encourage success through online schooling.

Designate a workspace

       It is hard to follow the structure of school when you’re at home. Setting up an organized spot to complete assignments can help you focus. While you’re not at school, you can try to mimic the environment at home. Adding personalized touches can also make you feel calmer and at ease. After choosing a location for your workplace, make sure to keep it tidy. Clutter can deprive focus and potentially increase overall anxiety.

WORKSPACE: Example of an organized area to complete work.

Get rid of distractions

       Turning off your phone, television, and any other form of distraction can help you concentrate. Although it’s not easy to voluntarily stay off of electronics, there are other options. Setting up a website blocker or limiting your screen time can act as a compromise between your academic and social lives. 

Set goals

       Especially with the uncertainty of the future, setting realistic goals can help fuel motivation and provide a sense of accomplishment. Having small achievable goals helps the brain complete tasks efficiently. Only having far-reach goals increases the chance of falling short and can cause you to lose motivation.

Time management / plan

       Keeping an agenda or planner can help you organize your assignments. Having a layout of the work for the week allows you to divide your time accordingly and not get behind. Make it a routine to copy down all your work on Monday. This will keep your home learning schedule similar to your school schedule. 

Take breaks 

       It is okay if you are not in “school mode” 100% of the time. During the school day, times such as lunch or study halls allow the brain to rest. The same can be done while at home! If you are feeling unmotivated, use your time to do non academic responsibilities and save your energy for school assignments. Designating some time during the day to get outside for some fresh air can improve mental health and ease stress. 

HELP: Template for teacher assistance email.

Reach out for help

       You are not in this alone, teachers and administration are facing the same concerns. If you feel you need extra time on an assignment or some extra practice, reach out to your teachers! There are also a variety of online videos, tutors, and other resources to help you succeed. In addition, calling a friend to review material would be beneficial for the both of you!