A Message From Foran Alumn…

Liam Oliver

Former Staff Writer

The college application process is probably the most confusing thing I have ever done. I ultimately made a good choice in my college decision though; I am currently commuting to Albertus Magnus College. When applying to college I looked at two things and two things only, available majors and tuition price. Around now and is when everyone in the senior class starts talking about their dream schools and it becomes hard to remember that college is an investment. By this I mean that no matter how gorgeous the campus is or how great the football games and night life sound, at the end of the day we are all leaving there with a degree and a bill. Those two things will dictate how your life goes for many years after that. For some people the degree really doesn’t mean much but for others it will help get a job to pay off those student loans and start an independent life. The key is recognizing your interests and when in doubt, go to the place that costs the least. I implemented this strategy when deciding to commute, admittedly it was hard when my other options were far more glamorous and in keeping with the classic “college experience” idea. I stuck to it though and it worked out great, I have way more freedom than I would if I was stuck with no car or job on a big campus somewhere, I have avoided student loans thus far and I really don’t feel like I am missing all that much.A group chat has been made with some of my friends who decided to commute as well and “the squad” (as I affectionately refer to it) hangs out several times a week. I admit though that some of my satisfaction comes from luck, the major I decided on is available at my school and I generally am a low-key kind of guy (It is easier not to miss all the parties when you aren’t totally committed to the party lifestyle to begin with). If I had any advice to give to someone who was picking a college right now, I would say ignore your friends they know basically nothing, ignore your college tour guide, he/she is a salesman. Visit the friends you may have at their dorms, decide if that is what you want and more importantly, what you truly believe will be of value to you. Be honest with your self about where you may land career wise and finally, remember that if you actually had any game to begin with, girls would like you in high school. Moving to a dorm in Massachusetts won’t change much, but having no debt later and buying an Audi might actually help your chances….Unless you are Nik Griswold, in which case apparently all it takes is leaving high school….