Five Tips To Naturally Boost Your Immune System

Photo courtesy of Isabella McPadden.

Photo courtesy of Isabella McPadden.

Katelyn Lagasse, Staff Writer

*NOTE* These tips can help you boost your immune system but are NOT proven to protect against Covid-19. The only way to fight off Covid-19 is to continue social-distancing guidelines.

       As Covid-19 spreads across the globe, you may be wondering how you can boost your immune system. There are many dietary and lifestyle changes that can help your body fight off pathogens.

       These are just five examples:


       Moderate exercise is proven to boost the immune system. Studies show that exercising can actually increase the effectiveness of vaccines. Just twenty minutes of exercise a day can promote so many good things for your health.


       The first thing you always hear from your mom when you tell her something is wrong is to drink water. Water is a key component of your body’s daily functions. Limiting the amount of soda, juice, and coffee will help you stay hydrated, and limit your intake of added sugars. Dehydration can cause many effects such as headaches and nausea. This will increase your susceptibility to getting sick. You also want to make sure you are eating healthy. Many fruits, nuts, and vegetables contain antioxidants and nutrients your body uses daily. While some nutrients allow for a lower susceptibility, others decrease the length of sickness.


       While it may be tempting to stay up all night on your phone, sleep is linked to your immune system as well. One study showed people who got less than six hours of sleep each night were more likely to get sick than those who slept more than six hours. 

       Teens tend to get less sleep due to cell phones and social media, but teens need about eight to ten hours of sleep each night. The blue light from your phone disrupts your body’s natural sleep cycle.


       Stress can promote imbalances of immune cell function. Some ways to reduce stress are yoga, exercise, meditation, or listening to music. Milford High Schools just released a virtual “Vibe Room”. This is a safe place where students can relax, find motivation, and get energized. You can visit the virtual room at In order to have a healthy immune system, you must maintain healthy stress levels.


       Many people are turning to supplements to prevent Covid-19. Sadly, there is no data to prove this. To learn more you can check out . Vitamins and minerals will improve your body’s immune response but will not aid with Covid-19. Some supplements known for immune health are Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc.

       Supplement labels aren’t FDA approved and may be misleading so make sure to consult a professional before taking new supplements.

       There are many changes you can make to improve your immune health, but the bottom line is that these tips will not protect against Covid-19. They will help, however, to make your body less susceptible to harmful pathogens.