Productivity in a Time of Uncertainty


Abby Woodward

Malcolm Chavez

Staff Writers


      Keeping productive when it is so easy to slack off and form lazy habits is very important, especially in a time with so many unknowns. During a global pandemic where everyone is required to practice new normals such as social distancing and isolation from extended family, friends, and other loved ones is something that nobody is used to. Due to this quarantine, it can become so easy to spend your days in bed alone, binging different shows on television, and eating unhealthy food, but it can also be used as a time to form new and productive habits while adjusting to your new normal life.

      “Quarantine has affected my daily routine in many ways,” senior Bridget Collins says. “I’m always busy, so not having school and no practice and games is hard. It is tough to be productive when I’m at home all day and have the opportunity to sit in my bed, or watch Netflix. It’s been a little hard to keep up, with all my teachers posting so many assignments at different times with different due dates.”

      Those who, prior to the spread of COVID-19, kept a full schedule between school, sports, work, clubs, and household responsibilities are feeling a little lost, and without having their prior structured schedule they are used to, find it easy to become unproductive. 

      However, some are finding this time away from reality as a useful time and are becoming very productive. Senior Rich Carino says, “I would have to say I have been very productive. I have been able to get my school work done and start getting prepared for next year. I have been able to work out every day and stay in shape as my senior baseball season obviously isn’t happening right now I feel I need to do my best to stay in shape and stay active in the absence of my sports season.” 

      Keeping busy in a productive way is important during this pandemic, but what’s productive to one person may not be productive to another. While this break in our regular lives could be a good time to engage in physical activity or eat healthy, this may not be what another person finds to be productive in their life. For others, like junior Maegan Alderman, their productivity centers around alternate focus in their life. “I want to be productive in a way where I can focus on family and reconnect with them since before quarantine we never really had the time to be all together,” Alderman states. 

             Although there are many approaches to staying productive through these tough times, here are some ideas and suggestions:

  • Clean your room and get rid of items you maybe have not used in a while or that no longer bring you joy
  • Staying active and working out by watching fitness YouTube channels such as The Lost Breed, ATHLEAN-X, Chloe Ting, MadFit, etc.
  • Painting, drawing, or coloring to ease anxiety and release stress (Colorfy in Apple Store, on regular paper)
  • Watch guided meditation videos on YouTube to stay zen and focus on yourself and what you can control in your own life 
  • Learn how to play a new instrument you may have lying around the house

      Ms. Shannon Love, an English teacher at Foran High, explains the importance of art and how it is beneficial especially during these tough times. ¨I downloaded an app to my iPad called Happy Color. It’s pretty relaxing and definitely makes me feel like I’m being artistic. I don’t consider myself an artist or creative by any sense of the word, but I think art is important because it allows people to express themselves and have a creative outlet.¨

      Whatever you are doing during this time away from your normal life, remember that being positive and focusing on what is important to you in your own personal life will help you.