In Person To Online Schooling

What do the Students Think?

 Students working from home organize their school work. Photo courtesy of Devyn Weed.

Students working from home organize their school work. Photo courtesy of Devyn Weed.

Devyn Weed and Kailey Howell

       All around the world students and teachers have had to make the switch to online schooling. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Foran faculty and students have had to adapt to their new lifestyle of working from home every day. 

       Students have varied opinions on which style of schooling they like better. In a poll, 78% of Foran students like going to school better than doing online classes. 

       Junior Kaylee Phung says online classes are more effective for her. “I can work at whatever hour I need to and whatever pace is best for me.” Phung talked about how she liked the independent part of online learning. “I feel like it is easier to do classes in my room and waste a lot less time with online school,” Phung said.  

       While some people enjoy online classes for those reasons, many other people miss seeing their fellow peers and teachers that they would see every day. 

       Junior Shayna Turner says she likes going to school much better because it allows her to have a connection with the teachers. “I can ask questions while we are working on a project and get a response much faster and more in depth.” Turner said it helps with her procrastination issue since teachers were there to push her to do her work.     

       Turner said that she gets way more work now than when she went to school. “The teachers assign things for the week on Monday that are due on Friday usually, but they add more as the week goes on.” Turner expressed that this makes it hard to complete everything and stay organized. 

       Freshman Annabel Wardman says she prefers going to school as well. Wardman says, “I like the aspect of school and I feel like it’s much easier to manage work in school.” Many people like the work environment in school with no distractions. 

       Wardman is getting more work now as well. “I think I’m getting more work at home, specifically because some teachers are underestimating how long work takes to complete.” 

       Sophomore Anna Paul thinks regular school is more effective. Paul said, “I get to see my friends and online school is harder to keep up with because I don’t feel motivated to do it.  

       “I would say I get less work now in online school,” says Paul. Some students are getting more and some students are getting less work which has a big impact on whether online school or regular school is better for them.

       Students all have different perspectives when it comes to which type of school they think is more effective or which they enjoy better. Some students have a harder time being at home because of the different work environment or the distractions. Others like being at home because they can work at their own pace.