How Covid-19 has Impacted our Military and how they are Taking Action


More than 30 members of the Kentucky Air National Guard’s 123rd Civil Engineer Squadron set up hospital beds and clinical space at the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center in Louisville, Ky., April 13, 2020. Photo courtesy of Dale Greer/Air National Guard.

Jess Wolfe and Nick Turner

       The country is in disorder right now during this pandemic with over 20% of Americans out of work according to With no clear answers of when they’ll get to go back, our essential workers such as doctors, nurses, etc. have been working around the clock in order to treat and protect Americans. Included in these essential employees are our over 1 million active personnel serving either overseas,  on naval vessels, or still in the states. 

       According to, “Services reported 3,919 cases of COVID-19 among troops and this was the third consecutive week of cases growing over 1,000.” The infection rate among service members is about 0.2% compared to the U.S population which is about .25%. With testing increasing for troops who are believed to be symptomatic, there is no surprise in the jump of cases. 

       After Captain of the USS Roosevelt, Brett Crozier, sent out a letter to his command pleading for a more decisive response to his ship’s outbreak, the ship was eventually evacuated and 100% of the crew was tested as it was reported that there were 840 cases which makes up 58% of the Navy’s infections and 21% of the military’s overall. 

       Now while this is a good thing to get the ship decommissioned what does this mean for our national defense? With one of our 11 aircraft carriers out now, does this open a hole in our defense? There are no clear answers but we do still have other carriers and battleships commissioned through this time of crisis.

       On the stateside of things,  there are about 45,000 Air and Army National Guard professionals that are supporting states in this outbreak. Out of this personel, about 809 Guard troops have tested positive. The National Guard has announced it’s Covid-19 response mission incluse, but are not limited to, “Full-time, 24-hour state Emergency Operations Center staffing to synchronize National Guard efforts with local and state mission partners to plan and execute an effective response.” 

       The National Guard has also created different field hospitals across the country using empty convention centers or very large tents. The Navy has also sent in their hospital ship to New York City, one of the epicenters for the outbreak, to be used for non Corona related cases. 

       With all the uncertainty in the world, our military is mobilizing to try and protect us from this virus and actual human threats, continuing to put their life on the line for every American citizen.