Foran’s Fashion Trends

Aley Phelan

Staff Writer

Photographer Bill Cunningham takes to the streets of New York City, capturing the newest and most popular trends of the season for the New York Times. Last month this inspired Foran journalists to take to the halls of Foran High School and find the school’s newest and most popular trends.

Last month saw many Foran students wearing riding boots, statement necklaces and puffy vests. Many people enjoyed these fall trends. Fans of riding boots were freshman Erin Suech, Maddie Mitchell and Alex Morales. Mitchell says, “Riding boots are fresh.” Many people would agree riding boots are a staple for fall.

Freshman Jessica Intelisano’s favorite trend was the statement necklace. She says, “If you are wearing a plain shirt it is a really nice accent.” Many students at Foran have added style to their outfits with a statement necklace.

Maybe the most common trend last month was the puffy vest. Students layered it over sweatshirts, flannels or long sleeve shirts. Samantha Pierpont, freshman, liked all the vests, but favored the black. The vest is a great transition piece going into the colder weather.

Senior Matt Rozmus commented on these various trends, saying, “I like when girls dress this way. I think it is fashionable.”

This month also saw many Hunter boots, moccasins and Foran apparel. As the rainy weather approaches many students have been sporting the fashionable Hunter boots. Some students even added boot socks to go with their rain boots for a cozier feel. These socks add a unique look to many people’s boots.

Other cozy footwear for this season is moccasins. Moccasins are not only for girls at Foran, the furry shoes can be worn on both girls and boys. They are perfect for lounging around the house or being comfortable in school.

Students also could be found wearing Foran apparel around school. Whether it was clothing advertising Lion Pride, a sport team, or Foran High School as a whole, showing school spirit was trendy.