Binge Worthy TV Show


Tony Sopranos house in North Caldwell, NJ. Photo courtesy of Nick Lawrence.

Nick Lawrence, Staff Writer

        There are not many things to do during quarantine, but something you can watch when there is nothing to do is the Sopranos. The Sopranos is a mafia show made in the late 1990s and went all the way until the late 2000s. The show is based out of northern New Jersey and is six seasons long with every episode being around an hour long. The show takes you through the lives of mobsters with the main character being Tony Soprano. The show is very action packed and in every episode you never know what is going to happen. The show highlights the ups and downs of living the life of a mobster. 

       They are constantly always avoiding the feds because they do commit a lot crimes, such as murder, robbery, assult, and so on. These crimes can mess up everything. They are told to never rat to the feds because being a “ made man” is like a brotherhood. “ I love this show, it is  and always has me in suspense. I also really like the show because I live where the show was recorded,” said Timothy Polizzi. Polizzi has watched this show over and over again and it never gets old to him. Tony tells them that they always have options and whenever they have a problem to always come to their brothers. In the family Tony’s uncle Junior is the boss of the family but everyone in the family goes to Tony because they trust him a lot more and they are more friendly with Tony compared to his uncle.

       Carrie Lawrence said, “ I remember when the show first came out, I was so excited because I love Mafia related movies and now that they were making a show it was really so exciting. I also lived right around the corner from Tony’s house and I just thought that was so cool.” Carrie is a big fan and still watches the show to this day. 

       In the show they have to find ways to make money, whether it is making jobs for the lower ranked mobsters or making deals with people they know. Business is business and they do not care how good of friends they are. If they do not get their money, there will be problems. Tony has panic attacks a lot and once a week goes and sees a therapist, which is not normal for mobsters to do because everyone in the show will think he is ratting and telling his therapist Dr. Melfi everything he does for a living. 

       Later in the show it shows the relationship the New Jersey mob has with the New York Mobsters. They always try to work together but New York does look down on New Jersey because the New York crime family is a whole lot bigger. As the show progresses you see the relationship between the two families change. Tony messes up a lot not just in his mob life but his at home life. His kids have seen things he wishes they never have seen. He has done some really bad stuff to his wife and their relationship has also changed. The last season ties everything together.

       The Rolling Stones has placed The Sopranos number one for best show of all time. The Rolling Stones had some very nice things to say about the show, “ …Perhaps one of the finest shows around.” If there is any free time throughout the day give The Sopranos a try.