Ice Cream Shops in Milford


Photo of Cone Zone, an ice cream shop in Milford,Connecticut. Photo courtesy of Shawn Gaul.

Shawn Gaul, Staff Writer

        With the warmer months coming and quarantine coming to an end, it is almost ice cream season. Milford has many locally owned and run ice cream shops that are great and offer a wide variety of choices. Some popular ice cream shops in Milford are Walnut Beach Creamery, Scoopy Doo’s, The Cone Zone, and The Sundae House.

         The Walnut Beach Creamery is located by Walnut Beach. Currently, they are only taking orders because of the pandemic but they are open Friday through Sunday from noon to 8 pm. Their menu is limited right now because of COVID-19 but some of their pint flavors include, Banana Bread, Holy Cannoli, and Honey Vanilla. They also have non-dairy options.

         Scooby Doo’s shop is located right by the harbor. With the pandemic, they are only serving one customer at a time. Some of their flavors include No Sugar Added Butter Pecan, Non-Fat Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Yogurt, Cake Batter, and Italian ice. 

        Cone Zone’s shop is right next to the police station on the Post Road. They are open every day from noon to 9 pm. For flavors, they have Vanilla, Chocolate and Swirl, and several Dole Whip flavors, for soft serve, and flavors like Sea Salt Caramel, Toasted Coconut, Peanut Butter Pie, and Banana Pudding. They also offer sundaes like Oreo Sundae, Brownie Sundae, and a Fluffernutter Sundae. 

        The Sundae House is located right by Foran on New Haven Ave. They are open every day from noon to 9 pm. They have partnered with another local business, Kathy’s Cookies, and introduced “Kathy’s Cookies Ice Cream sandwiches.” One of their managers, Nicolette Simone is a Foran Alum. She said, “We also try to get a new flavor of hard scooped ice cream each week to keep things new and exciting. Right now we have 3 delicious special flavors including Amaretto Maraschino Cherry, Mint Oreo, and Creamsicle. We have over 40 different flavors of ice cream and certainly something for everyone. Remember to shop small and local!”

        Milford is a Small City with a Big Heart. It is important to support our local businesses, especially in the warmer months.