Participating Virtually

Students have been giving the opportunity to continue some of the clubs they enjoy via Google Meets.


Virtual Meets: Students of the Gay-Straight Alliance meet virtually every Thursday at 1:00 via Google Meets. Photo Courtesy: Isabel Blanco

Katherine Parker, Editor

     Social distancing, masks, and everything involved; three reasons why many activities have been canceled or have turned into a virtual experience. Members of clubs have been allowed to switch to an online platform and continue to enjoy the activities they are used to participating in. 

     This year, nineteen clubs have adapted from their usual format and are now meeting online.

     The Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) is an example of one of these clubs. Senior president Isabel Blanco explains how the virtual meets complicate the dynamic of the club, “We normally would sit in a circle, so we were able to have a smooth, cohesive conversation; someone would bring in snacks, and we’d all be able to comfort each other as necessary.” Because of the change in scenery, Blanco says it does not allow the members of the club to feel as close as they would, “This method is so different from what I have been used to the past three years, but we are making it work.” Blanco says the club is continuously discovering new ways to share ideas and keep morale up. The club currently meets every Thursday at 1:00 on Google Meets.

     Model UN is “a club that discusses political issues from a country’s point of view,” says sophomore Alexa Malerba. The club, in a debate format, typically seats people in a circle. However, because of the Covid-19 guidelines, this is no longer the case. “There have been some restrictions,” says junior club member Ronan Smith, “It might be a bit harder to pass notes and have the right time limit for speaking without glitches, but we probably will have a solution soon.”

     Key Club is another club that is running through virtual meets this year. The club provides volunteer opportunities, says senior Madison Babcock. “We are all still trying to figure out how we are supposed to volunteer while still staying safe.” Babcock continues to say, that although this year is a little different, she enjoys how Key club is still able to meet virtually every Tuesday to discuss and plan different community service opportunities for the members to participate in and earn community service hours. The Key Club is still accepting new members and is always looking for volunteers.

     Clubs this year may be something to get used to, but overall it will be a new experience for everyone.