A Sweet Introduction: A New Bakery in Milford, Good Morning Cupcake


Come Stop By: Pictured is the outside of the Good Morning Cupcake bakery at their Milford location. Photo courtesy: Morgan Viesselman, October 29, 2020.

Morgan Viesselman, Staff Writer

     Milford, Connecticut is home to many small bakeries and treat shops. A new member has been added to this family this year on May 30. Good Morning Cupcake is a small bakery located on 252 Melba Street owned by Adrianna Robles.

     After earning her bachelor’s degree in Baking and Pastry Arts from Johnson and Wales University, and earning the highest honors, Robles started planning on opening a bakery. 

     Robles has been in the baking industry for seven years and has always dreamed of owning a bakery. After her appearance on Food Network’s “Girl Scout Cookies Championship” she knew that this is what she wanted to pursue. Robles says that going on the show, “gave me the full on confidence to bring the idea to an actual brick and mortar store.”

     The idea of starting this bakery was a small thought in the back of Robles’ head until she woke up one morning and knew exactly what she was going to do. Robles says, “ I had a dream one night  and in that dream I walked up to a bake shop with a big sun on the window that read Good Morning Cupcake with sprinkles all over the place. I knew in that moment that is what I wanted to do in life.” This dream is what started it all.

     Don’t let the name throw you off, Good Morning Cupcake also sells other sweet treats like cookies, doughnuts, and even whoopie pies. Robles specializes in making mini desserts for any event. Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding, or graduation party, she can do it all.

     If you eat vegan or have an allergy to gluten, no worries, Robles also makes treats that fit your needs.

     Each month Robles comes up with fun new flavors each month. Throughout the month of October there were spooky themed cupcakes and cookies. Now in November, you can try cupcake flavors like, nutella, apple pie, and cinnamon roll. 

     The month of November also calls for Thanksgiving. Some of the flavors on the Thanksgiving menu include, mini apple pie, mini pumpkin pie, and even a cookie decorating kit to do at home. 

     Good Morning Cupcake is open on Thursday and Friday from 10am-6pm and Saturday from 9am-4pm. Their hours depend on whether or not they sell out of treats, so make sure you get there early if you want to get something sweet. 

     The tiny treats can be purchased in packs depending on how many a customer desires. A pack of four can be purchased for $7.00, a six pack for $10.00, a 12 pack for $18.00, or a 24 pack for $30.00. 

     Junior at Foran and a part of the Milford community Celidgh Pikul has tried many cupcake flavors from Good Morning Cupcake. Pikul says, “you can tell these cupcakes are made with love and dedication.” Her favorite flavor is vanilla party.

     Head down to Good Morning Cupcake to get some sweet treats to keep to yourself or to share, whichever you prefer.