Gearing Up For College Acceptances


Students can visit schools in person or online as they get ready for their admissions decisions. Photo courtesy Devyn Weed. Taken Sept. 28, 2019.

Devyn Weed, Staff Writer

     As winter rolls in, college acceptances are quickly approaching for the class of 2021. Many Foran seniors are preparing for another chapter of their lives by applying to college. 

     Soon, seniors are going to find out about which schools they got into. This can be a very uncertain time, especially this year. Some may be excited about college and others may feel the stress arising. 

     Kaya Vital, a Foran senior, talks about how she’s feeling about her acceptances to college. “I’m really excited to decide where I’m going to college because all the schools I applied to I feel will give me a really good and fun college experience.”

     Senior Audrey Lane has also applied to college. She says, “I’m nervous about getting accepted because I really want to get into my top school, but I’m more nervous about costs because I don’t want a lot of debt.” 

     Many students applying to college not only need to think about which school they are going to, but also how they are going to pay for it. Scholarships are a great way to get money for college and there are ones that fit everybody’s interests and needs. Vital says, “Right now I am applying for scholarships in order to help with the cost of college.” FAFSA, a financial aid website, is another resource that students can utilize while seeing which schools fit in their price range.

     With all the different locations, deadlines, and majors to think about, it can be hard to pick which schools to apply to. There are colleges all over the world, so researching is the best way to find which school is the best match. 

     Looking on the college’s website is a great tool to find virtual visits, deadlines, and anything else you need to know about the school. “I did a lot of virtual visits before I applied, so I’m kind of sitting back and waiting now,” says Lane. 

     Virtual visits are essential during this time so students can see what each school is like, even if they can’t visit in person. Mrs. Melissa Wunder, the college and career center counselor, says, “The individual college reps who visit Foran annually are also hosting only virtual visits, but it is still important to sign up for and attend them.” It is good to get to know the people at each college to have a full understanding of what each school has to offer.

     While waiting for college acceptances, it is a good time for students to research even more into the schools to see which is best suited for what they want to do.

     College acceptances can be stressful, but it is important to think about how hard students work to get to this. The next four years will be determined by this decision, so it is important to do research and see which school is the best match for you.