Funko: The Popular Brand to Keep an Eye on This Holiday Season

Collection Extravaganza : A Funko Collection displaying the wide variety of the Funko products. Photo Courtesy : Adam ( BeardOfPop).  Oct. 31, 2020.

Collection Extravaganza : A Funko Collection displaying the wide variety of the Funko products. Photo Courtesy : Adam ( BeardOfPop). Oct. 31, 2020.

Ben Cogan and Sam Cogan

     The pop culture collectible brand Funko has made waves over recent years to become one of the most purchased gifts for the holiday season.

     The time to buy gifts  has begun and in the current times there is no better gift than one from the brand of Funko. Funko have made collectibles since 1998 but it is in recent years that they have truly thrived.

     Funko has become a mainstay in stores throughout the year and during the gift buying season it is hard to miss spotting a Funko item when passing by stores. The product is available in a variety of physical stores including the likes of Hot Topic, GameStop, Target, FYE, Walmart, and even Best Buy.

     The Funko brand hit a gold mine when they created their signature “POP!” Vinyl figures. Pops, as they are more commonly called, are big headed cartoonish figures. They are made of a hard vinyl material and are typically three point seventy five inches (in height) although they can be made as large as 18 inches.

     The height of the figurine also determines how much it will cost with the prices ranging from nine-15 dollars for regular size, $20-$30 for six inch and others in that size range, $30-$40 for ten inches and $100 for 18 inch figures.

     These vinyl figures feature the looks of famous actors, characters, and celebrities from all types of media. From Iron Man to Post Malone, Pikachu to James Bond, Funko has just about everything. This is why their company slogan has become well known as  “Everyone’s a fan of something”.

     Funko has gained the rights to create products from over 200 different licenses with their best sellers coming from their Marvel, DC, Star Wars, The Office, and the recently acquired Pokemon collections. These rights are given to the company by big name brands to allow them to accurately make collectibles using their characters likeness.

     Pops tend to be released in sets and can consist of an amount of anywhere between two to 30+ with exclusive variants and characters only released at certain stores and websites. Many collectors look to complete these sets which can lead to collections becoming very large.

     Popular Funko Youtuber, BeardOfPOP, who has collected 750 pop vinyls and amassed over 12,000 subscribers showing off his purchases and collection says “ I love the nostalgia of them, they make ones for everyone and everyone can connect a memory to Funko”.

     Although Funko’s POP! Figures have been their main seller, it’s not all they make. Funko started with a product called “Wacky Wobblers”, these were bobbleheads designed to make adults feel nostalgic with characters like Bob’s Big Boy and Betty Boop. Although the “Wacky Wobblers” are not being sold anymore they have other products on offer including their new SODA line. 

     The SODA line is vinyl figures similar to the size of pops but with different styling, molding and come packed in metal soda cans so that it is a mystery if you got the special “chase” variant or not. 

     The company’s Dorbz line provides a cheaper, smaller alternative to pops. They also produce Mystery Minis which are small blind box figures typically ratioed so you have a risk of getting duplicate commons to have a chance at the rare 1/72 pieces.

     Funko provides a whole range of items that have something for each customer to admire. Their range of brands, characters, prices and sizes make them a great choice for your gifts this holiday season. 

     Funko Customer, Lynn Macdonald, says, “Pops are great gifts for the holidays as there are so many characters, you will find one to suit everyone. They are not too expensive and affordable to get one (or more) for family and friends.”