Swim Team Pulls Through Despite Modified Season


Girls swim team poses after their last SCC swim meet. Photo courtesy of Emily Eschweiler, October 31, 2020

Jason Cruz, Staff Writer

     This year, many changes were made in school as well as sports. Members of the girls swim team were disappointed with the news that they might not participate in their sport, doing what they love most. 

     Fortunately enough, some sports were able to continue but had to make sacrifices and  many adjustments to their season. Although it may not have been how they wanted to, the girls swim team could compete; it was just modified. 

     Head coach, and English teacher ,Ms. Meghan Condon says,  ¨While this year was definitely very different from any other, we were so happy to be able to compete and practice together as a team! The Lady Lions worked hard every day and faced every challenge head-on to have a great season on the board and in the pool!¨

     Athlete on the swim team, junior Katie Ourfalian, says, “We had to wear masks at every practice and we would take them off right before we got in the pool and put them in right as we got out. We had to stay six feet apart and there would be two people at the end of each lane in the pool to abide by social distancing rules.”

     Practices and meets were changed to accommodate for the Covid-19 guidelines. Along with fewer meets and practices, there were new rules in place to keep the swimmers and coaches safe. 

     Emma Fiorillo, a junior on the swim team, explains, “Due to Covid, we had to do our meets virtually, and we would swim in our pool while the other team swam in theirs. After the meet, we would exchange our times and then get our results. To make sure that the results were accurate, referees attended both places.” Due to these changes, things were very different this year, and athletes were forced to go about things differently. 

     Claire Ourfalian, parent of junior Katie Ourfalian, another member of the swim team, shares how not attending these meets affected her. Claire Ourfailian states, “It was terrible not being able to see Katie swim! I would just send positive energy and vibes her way and pray that she did well!”

     Many parents went through the struggle of not being able to see their child participate in meets. Along with the members of swim who found it difficult to adapt to these new and odd changes. These rules may have made it difficult to be happy to swim . 

     Ourfalian said, “it feels isolating and lonely but the support of my teammates really helped during the season.” 

     Although members weren’t able to have their family or friends there to cheer them on they were happy to be able to compete with the rest of their team. 

     Ourfalian said, “I think my team did a very good job adjusting to the complications of the season, we came together as a team and supported each other whether we had best times or worst times, wins or loses and we were just happy and grateful we were able to have a swim season.” 

     Despite the difficulties this season, Foran High teacher and assistant swim coach Mrs.Shauna Newall says, “I think the team did a great time adjusting to the unique circumstances of this year. Even though it was very different, the girls were still able to come together and have a good time. Ms. Condon and I were really proud of their positive attitudes and we were really happy with how the season went.”

     As well as coaches and swim participants being forced to adapt, Foran swim captain Emily Eschweiler says, “ It definitely was disappointing not having the season we hoped for this year but we all were positive about it and still made the best out of every one of the practices and meets. Overall,  I think we had a great season and I’m glad I had the opportunity to be a captain for my last year and get to finish off my swim career with all of these amazing swimmers and divers!”