Holiday Traditions: How will Covid-19 Affect the Upcoming Season?

Covid-19 and its effects on the upcoming holiday season


Holiday Traditions: How will Covid-19 Affect the Upcoming Season: Holiday decorations for this season. Photo courtesy: Carly Zieman.

Nina Torgerson and Carly Zieman

     As the holiday season moves upon us quickly, the changes to our beloved traditions have to be accepted and realized. With times being so vastly different from what we’ve previously experienced, it is important now more than ever, to cherish the time that we have with our loved ones. Especially focusing on and realizing the importance of our traditions, however vastly they could change.

     There are so many different traditions that are unique to each person and their loved ones, depending on who, where, and what they celebrate. 

     Junior Skylar Rowe shares her own holiday traditions. Rowe’s parents are divorced, she shares how that affects her holiday saying, “I rotate from my mom’s and dad’s house every year for the holidays, this year I’m at my moms. . . I also celebrate Hanukkah and we have a tradition to light a menorah as a family on the first day. ”  

     Traditions are sacred to families, no matter how small or big. This is usually uninterrupted during holidays, as people have the choices to do as they desire; but this is no usual year. Rowe also shared how her holidays, upcoming and past change due to Covid-19. 

     “Usually we would see my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, but due to Covid-19 I am going to celebrate just me, my mom, and my brother.” Even though there are restrictions Rowe’s family is still going to try to make the most of it.

     Junior, Laila Idone says “It’s going to have to be smaller this year because of the guidelines.” Idone also shares how her family usually has a big celebration but cannot this year due to Covid-19. 

     Despite the pandemic, Iodine’s family is still pushing for a normal holiday season. When asked about keeping holidays traditions normal this year Idone states, “It’s important to keep the traditions still.” Keeping some traditions alive will make holidays this year as normal as possible.           

     According to senior Isabel Blanco, “Normally my household throws a giant Christmas party, where over 50 people are invited. This party normally includes family and friends from across New England. However, this year we weren’t able to do that tradition.”

     Though many holiday traditions are taking a big hit, it is not impossible to make new traditions, and celebrate unique to how it has previously been done. Making new traditions this year and fitting them into the new restrictions it is still important to keep some things normal for this upcoming season. 

      This year some people are also investing in other holiday related events some being virtual, to make up for the change in traditions. These events can in some ways normalize holidays this year for families, and kids that are used to seeing their families each year.