Online Learning

Foran Continues to Tackle Distance Learning


Online teaching: Mr. Brian Dooling teaching period 6 freshman world history class this Friday, Dec. 4.

Maria Garbin, Staff Writer

     With the ongoing pandemic and the number of Covid-19 cases rising drastically during the last days, it’s easy to see that daily life has changed drastically, especially now with the change from in-person to full-time distance learning, which is drawing mixed opinions and feelings at Foran.

     On Nov. 10, Dr. Anna Cutaia, Milford’s Superintendent of Schools, wrote a letter to the community detailing the reasons for the move to distance learning in the high schools. Going back to full time online learning was the step taken to keep the community safe during the pandemic, but with that, everything changed once more.

     Many have commented positively about this change. “In some ways, planning for classes is a little easier,” says physics teacher, Mr. Alan Stern.  “I don’t have to manage both in-person and distance learners within the same lesson. Everyone is distance learning so the lessons can be specifically tailored for that mode. Otherwise, it’s pretty similar to earlier this school year.” 

      On the other hand, some people think differently. “I have definitely been spending a lot more time on my computer lately. The planning is going well so far, but it’s a little different than in-person learning,” says first year teacher, Mr. Brian Dooling. “I have been exploring new ways to engage students during distance learning to make my lessons more interactive and enjoyable. This is one of my top priorities when it comes to planning.”

     Junior Madison Sheppard says, “Moving back to distance learning has had its ups and downs mentally and physically. As it is nice to only dress [appropriately] from the waist up I feel lazier than usual, and for the mental aspect of being alone and not around everyone, it’s actually nice to just focus on myself and school work.” Sheppard continues, explaining that adjusting to this new way of learning as well as planning to keep up has been different. She says tech issues and some intense assignments have been stressing her.

     Principal Mr. Max Berkowitz says he understands how nothing is better than in-person learning, and how this is only a temporary change, expecting and really wanting to be back in person at Foran on Jan. 11. He explains, “I expect that Tier 3 distance learning will go well. This experience is different than last year because we are more prepared and are ready for this change. Students should continue to engage, ask questions, and keep learning!

      The faculty is here to help; we need to keep moving forward and make the most out of this unique school year. Together, we can make this a positive experience.”