Online Shopping Guide


A suggested online store: A store that is reliable and trustworthy to stop at: Sanaa Darden: December 7, 2020

Sanaa Darden, Staff Writer

     Online shopping is really big for adults and teenagers. Shopping online comes in handy for when you can’t find sneakers, shoes and clothes at the store. You can often get a better discount when you are online shopping.

     Online shopping is going to be really handy this year since the holidays are right around the corner. According to Forbes, Target’s online sales have increased 141 % in the first quarter of 2020.

     Also, due to Covid- 19 online shopping has become bigger because not everyone wants to go out and be at risk to get Covid- 19. Most stores most likely have a website where you can shop from instead of going in the stores.

     English teacher, Mrs. Shauna Newall, shares some advice for online shopping. “I really like Patagonia and JCrew. Of course, I LOVE Target, I do a lot of my shopping there. I suggest people are cautious when online shopping, try and take a minute to decide if you REALLY want the item. For the most part though, most of my shopping is done around this time of year when I am buying gifts for family and friends.”

     Mrs. Newall also suggests that you check the credibility of a website before shopping. A way to check if it is credible is by checking if they have a contact page, don’t click a link of a body within the email, look for grammar and mistakes, and also check if they have any type of social media page.

     Another English teacher Ms. DePalma also shares some of her own online shopping guides. “I definitely like to support the small businesses in my community and suggest people shop local too this holiday season! I also love to shop at TJ Maxx. When I am online shopping, I always make sure to read reviews on whatever product I am buying from people who have bought the same product. I online shop all year round and the time I spend online shopping has definitely increased this year as a result of being a safe way to buy what I need.”

     The most common time for online shopping is during the holidays because there are more sales during the holidays in comparison to regular days when there isn’t as much in terms of sales in the stores. When someone sees something on sale, they can get it at a cheaper price.

     The website teaches how to save money in general. In their article for online shopping, the guide teaches a consumer to  use private browsing, coupons, to avoid shipping cost, security tips, benefits to online shopping, and much more.

     According to their website,“…here are some tips to ensure your information is safe and the website you’re shopping on is a reputable one: Look for “https” in the URL and a padlock or broken-key icon, which signals your information is secure. The website should clearly state its return policy and shipping costs. Beware of sites using pop-up ads. The company should have an actual address and phone number.”

     Following these tips will help you make a successful online shopping experience. It will help save money, making sure information doesn’t get stolen, and give you good store suggestions.